Kindness Counts

It’s about teaching children how to Be Good. When one recognizes the light in every natural thing, they will understand how each life is like themselves. Then they can develop a cooperative, caring relationship with plants, animals, insects, and humans. Caring for the Environment does not necessarily apply to how recycling and conservation methods will benefit humans.  Humans are upsetting the natural Cycle of Life, and we have the conscious capability to change our behaviors, if we are Good and Kind. How we develop this in young children is by modeling in our relationships with them, and each other. Children will observe parents being bad to each other, but good to the child. So the child interprets this as Men and Women Are Mean When They’re Grown Up.  At school, children may observe teachers being kind to children, but mean with each other.  Children learn that Grown Ups are Not Always Nice.  What good is it to tell children right from wrong when we do not model Kindness in our lives, 100%? (realistically, 90%, everyone has bad days) Kindness and Love are truly all it takes to care for plants, animals, children, and each other.  Many people no longer ‘do the right thing’ but instead do what’s right for themselves, without recognizing how their Self affects the Environment.  The behaviors adults display in their personal relationships are the same behaviors children learn to display towards others in their own environment.  When we model Kindness everyday, to everyone, we have to give up the idea that its cool to be cruel.  Because that is the furthest from what’s Right and True.


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