Teaching Bioscience

This AP report from Stephen Majors reiterates the need for outdoor learning environments in schools.  While his article addresses the lack of interest in middle and high school students, I think if those students would’ve had some form of environmental and nature learning in primary school, they would be better prepared for science learning in…

Discovery Kids

Jeff Corwin is a family favorite for young as well as older children.  Fun and informative, Jeff wins over parents as well.  The Discovery Kids website has several more puzzles and games, and Jeff Corwin is only one of their many popular show hosts.  My boys like Bindi the Jungle Girl, The Crocodile Hunter’s daughter 😉

The Magic School Bus

I love science learning with young children, because everything is a new discovery!  The Magic School Bus is a favorite show for exploring all the small things that fit into one organism, like how an egg becomes a chicken, how pollution from certain things dumped into the water changes that habitat for wildlife, and on…

Homework Help

Dweeber is a social networking site for students age 13-18 to collaborate on classroom projects and offer peer assistance with study issues.  Terms of Use are very specific to students 18 or under, and children joing the site must be enrolled in a school.  Dweeber also offers students subject Gurus for really tough items, and…

The Smithsonian Institute

The Smithsonian Education website has two tons of information for students and parents and teachers.  This site is a great homework stop for students researching a report, and a great site for teachers to plan lessons and include in a webquest.  Have fun!