Obama’s and the Kitchen Garden movement

This article from Jane Black at the Washington Post delves into a discussion of how the Obama’s kitchen garden could have a larger effect on farm subsidies, school food reform, and a general shift in how American’s eat.  I find it interesting that Mrs. Obama is keeping the garden low-key, and focusing on children’s food education rather than engaging with lobbyists and special-interests to tackle the Ag industry.  A shift in public behavior does not always have to have White House policy backing a movement.  During the campaign, Mr. Obama asked American’s to become involved in grassroots movements in their own communities, and kitchen gardens are cropping up in urban centers across the country.  Kitchen gardens are not a novel idea, have never really disappeared, and I hope families realize that they can make this simple change with an enormous result: better health, safer foods, and self-sustanence.  Government approval is not required.


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