I acquired two varieties of Kalanchoe from a friend cleaning out the small campus greenhouse for use this fall semester.  This plant was everywhere! It had taken over.  So at first, I was wary to bring it into the preschool classroom, where it would shed its babies onto other potted plants, and takeover the room. …

Harvesting Lessons

This article by Carrie Madren shares the story of the Shady Side Elemetary school garden club and their experiences in the gardening world.  Children are learning that food doesn’t start in the grocery store, and are planting foods in ways that are historical to their environment.  For example, planting corn with squash and beans, as the Native…

Recycle City

This site is fun for parents and children, and a great source for classroom internet research.  Activities and games teach how to reduce, reuse, and recycle.

The Lorax

This Dr. Seuss story has been my favorite since childhood, and may have been my first seed of thought for being a responsible steward of nature.  This CyberGuide developed by Barbara Edwards and Amy Heckman extends the story into an active learning unit where children can explore information on the web.  Parents and teachers, check out…

Mother Earth News

13 year-old Treska Stein discuuses her experience in becomming self-reliable.  After visiting a farm in New Mexico in 2008, she chose to stay home and learn from her own garden.  Treska is now starting her own business, read more here.