Light Bulb To The Dome

Parents & Teachers, I believe it is our responsibility as adults to correct and protect the environmental damage wreaked on the planet by previous generations, and the current Energy Elites.  The children we care for today will have a bleak future as adults if we do not act.  Please do not misunderstand me, I struggle with my own flaws and weaknesses every day.  I’ll admit giving up a convienient lifestyle has been terribly hard.  I have a deep respect for working moms who cook the whole week’s dinners on Sunday.  But it’s the shopping on Saturdays that cannot be the bread & butter of this country’s economy much longer.  I’ll admidt I miss eating at Wendy’s, or driving the kids thru McD’s when we’re running late, or the convenience of frozen lasagna.  Yet this lifestyle change (how & where I spend my few pennies) is simple because I know in my heart its the right thing to do, not merely for the environment, but for the community and my family’s health and wellness.  That is why I hope to urge you to write or call your congressional representatives and insist upon them to support the President’s environmental agenda.  “Greening” our infastructure will provide new jobs for generations to come.  I hope that when my boys graduate high school they can go to tech school and know their career choices will not involve the promotion of shady backdoor politics or endanger their own lives just to put food on the table. Republicans have not considered the people, but only their people, since the Regan era.  Today, the GOP wants a moratorium on the EPA’s regulation of “heat-trapping emissions from stationary sources like power plants and industrial facilities.”  They propose that the EPA only be granted regulation of mobile sources of pollution (as though one is any more viable than the other).  What it really boils down to is that the cronies have all their gold invested in non-renewable resources, and supporting renewable energy sources would cost billions of dollars in structural changes.  Yet this issue is not the same choice as, say, letting your old junker car drive itself to death and then buy an economy car.  The government must also shift its spending.  Instead of investing one more dollar into coal, it must invest dollars in wind and solar.  We the people need to insist that government stop spending our tax dollars wrecklessly, and consider the constituents they represent, the ones that do not have $10,000 or more  to contribute to a campaign fund.  We the people can also vote en masse  for individuals who do not represent The Corporation’s machine.  The time for apathy has passed, even Zen masters know that there is time for action, as there is time for non-action.  To everything there is a season, and the change is now.


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