Heart on my sleeve

Now, some of you have called me ‘preachy’…well, many do, but I speak what I understand is Truth, and if you disagree then by all means share your thoughts.  Please, no cussing wars, this is a family room!  Today’s events in  Topeka are quite alarming.  A woman was gunned down at a community center across the street from a middle school.  My heart goes out to the family of 34-year old Marini McKnight, and I light a candle for this tragedy.  The murderer is 20 years old, and this area of town is definitely the ghetto.  Please do not misunderstand, Dear Reader, as a hippy I got nothin’ but love for mankind.  My idea of ‘ghetto’ is inspired by Elvis.  “An angry young man with a gun in his hand.”  This is one of the worst kinds of violence (ghetto wars) and I am confused as to why people are reduced to living with violence?  My stepson (who thinks I’m the Devil) went to Jr. High here, and I can’t help but think: What IF this event had happened at that time?  He could have been at the center… I also have an almost 20 yer old daughter, and while I did not raise her I also have to wonder: what did these children learn that our gunman did not?  Yes, he’s 20, an adult legally, but still so young as to be some mother’s son.  I won’t get too deep into behavioral psychology, but think about this, Dear Reader: What did this young man grow up with to feel justified in murder?  What threat did this woman pose to his way of life that he felt it necessary to shoot her dead?

Who is brave and bold will perish;
Who is brave and subtle will benefit.
The subtle profit where the bold perish
For Fate does not honour daring.
And even the sage dares not tempt fate.

Fate does not attack, yet all things are conquered by it;
It does not ask, yet all things answer to it;
It does not call, yet all things meet it;
It does not plan, yet all things are determined by it.

Fate’s net is vast and its mesh is coarse,
Yet none escape it.

Tao Te Ching 73

I will admit recently I have been too preachy.  But when I hold my tongue stuff like this happens.  I understand this event has nothing to do with me directly; it’s some bad thing that happened in my school community.  But I also believe there are no coincidences.  What could community members do for this child, this individual, that he would not have considered murdering another human?  Let alone someone’s mother?

I believe school community gardens are a solution to the issue of reducing neighborhood violence.  Throughout history every large city has had its share of violence, and this Truth is brought home today.  Murder is a moral issue of Good and Bad, Right and Wrong.  And yet, ghetto violence, the Mob, Gang wars, and the like are a result of a community’s social order.  We as a people can act immediately to get violence out of school neighborhoods.  However, our society honors a schedule that is not beneficial to families and children.  School gardens are benefical in several ways, too many to list here.  Check out Ten Benefits if you haven’t yet 😉 Dear Reader.   

I understand how difficult it is for any community to come together, when We have become very diversified within neighborhoods.  ‘Community’ is no longer exclusive to ‘Home’ because the working class (near poverty) isn’t at home.  The poor have been neglected, and have lost Hope, as evidenced in today’s woeful misfortune in my hometown.  I believe it takes Good people to create a Good community, and the one place we can come together is in our schools.  I urge residents of Central Topeka to come together and build Robinson a garden.  A FOOD garden.  I hope our city leaders can make this happen, cause lip service just don’t fly no more.  Schools don’t have money because parent’s don’t have money because mom’s have a full-time job and pay someone else to co-mom, and education is undervalued in the current social order.  Before entering the workplace, Mothers played a crucial role in society.  This role is just not realisticly achieved in modern society, and it is time for Us to Help One Another.  When an individual’s basic needs are not met, he cannot concern himself with morality.  He’s in survival mode.  How many of us honestly know about survival mode in an urban ghetto?  I’ve been there, and I am thankful for learning to Love. (right now I’m working on esteem and cofidence, thanks Maslow)  Help a child learn to Love by volunteering in your neighborhood school.  Whether or not you have children, whether or not you live in a large community.  Employers: support your workers in their community, and offer volunteer incentives.  Citizens: see about a tax credit for volunteer hours. 

Let’s Work Together


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