New Moon, New Post

It’s the first snow here in Topeka, KS, and I love winter.  I love all the seasons really, and I’m fascinated by science learning because we can explore what we observe.  The weather does not have to be at our comfort level in order for us to explore what kind of effect today’s weather will have on tomorrow.  No, not because the roads may be slick or because I may be put out (trying to drag my patooty out of bed earlier) but because this snowy winter will be beneficial for the spring plow & sow.  I hope this is not the last snow, but the first of many.

I suppose this is why I could never truly be a pessimist: I have Hope.  Not hope in any Diety per se, but hope that we (mankind) can someday find Nature’s balance between our knowledge & our intuition.  It is the Human Condition to understand both Science and Philosophy.  It is unnatural to put a Wall between the two, when we homo sapiens are both.  So when I catch another thread about Creationism v. Darwin’s theory I wonder: aren’t we done with this bit yet?

I mean, seriously,why couldn’t God have given us Evolution?  I personally think it was the other way around, but that’s my belief.   Can we move on and accept that It is what It is no matter if It was Created or not.  Religion is to the World stage as Opinions are to you and me.  Isn’t it enough that we are here?  Think about the Experience of life, and not so much about Who or What it came from.

I had the pleasure of listening to Dr. Richard Jackson, of UCLA, speak in Topeka in October, and he shared plenty of new information on Nature’s role in human health and wellness.  Dr. Jackson is an advocate for walkable communities and limiting urban sprawl, but our group spent almost two hours discussing how & why to get children and adults outdoors away from the TV (and here I sit at the other Zombie Box).  Our group mostly consisted of folks from KDHE, and one of the points we discovered about society today is that parents do not know how to be outdoors.  This fact is one that is quite disturbing to me as an educator.  Part of my professional duty is to educate parents as well as their children, and I cannot stress enough how simple it is to spend 30 minutes outdoors with your children, everyday.  Do not fear your neighborhood; it takes good people to make a neighborhood good.  As to what to do with your children once you do get to the park or to the backyard: explore.  No toys necessary.  If you do have a backyard, or even a balcony: garden.  While I understand there are some neighborhoods, even here in Topeka, KS, where one should not take their children outdoors, I’ve seen some poor slums thrive with children outdoors in the afternoons and evening hours.  Parents, if you need to relieve stress for a moment go outdoors with your children.  Grow flowers.  Grow herbs on a balcony.  And all you brown thumb naysayers I tell you this: growing a plant, or a garden, is as simple as caring for pets.  More simple, really.  And its food.  It is this inter-dependent relationship we Humans have with Flora & Fauna that make our existence truly unique, as a creature on this Earth.  Savor Life.


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