Starting Anew

The great thing about snow is that it insulates (yes, really!) the ground and any perennial plants rooted outdoors.  The great thing about Winter is that it gives us time to imagine how the garden will bloom.  This year with all its snow will make for an awesome planting in the Spring, and I will advance into Toddler 2 to begin hands-on work with the garden project.  As a Teacher, it has been h-e-double-hockey-sticks working with an age group of students who were a bit too young to tend the garden, and many of the staff knew less than I thought they did so… the garden and compost classroom activities dwindled off.  I hope to remedy this issue by working with teachers and staff to model the garden curriculum. (I’m better at modelling anyway, I’m Montessori at heart)

Another benefit of moving into the Toddler 2 classroom is practicing a process called looping, where a teacher advances into the new classroom when her/his students do.   This past year Ms. Aimee looped up from 1 to 2, and the children had a successful transition into activities that challenged them and encouraged development.  Young children become attached to caregivers much like a parental relationship, and many may experience severe anxiety being introduced to a new physical environment coupled with a new caregiver.  Stranger Anxiety overload.  We have a few students advancing this semester who need more support and guidance, and I look forward to practicing garden activities with a variety of learners.

So far, this year is looking up 🙂


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