So far, so good

Ya win some , ya lose some.  Life takes all types, and I must remember compassion instead of sarcasm.  People are in their own minds, and thanks to tech & internet have become somewhat trapped there. 

Recently I’ve had lots of little signs in the world that tell me to persevere.  Like my husband’s 101 year old grandmother dying on New Year’s Day, after we’d had the Christmas blizzard here in Kansas.  Or one of my dearest friends having some serious heart issues at 50, most likely due to diet and lifestyle.  Grandma Lola didn’t smoke or drink, grew her own food (including chickens) and lived a long, prosperous life. Floyd the Barber has grown up during the 1st Green Revolution, and his body has absorbed goodness knows how many chemicals, whether illegal or legit 😉  Heck most of the health issues we face today are due to boomers and The Greatest generation being exposed to synthetic chemicals through food consumption.  Lola is probably one of few of her generation to suffer only dementia.

My point is, this isn’t working.  We civilized people have had like 2 or 3 generations to practice Monsanto’s and Exxon’s ways, but it’s not working.  How far will Greed take us?  Are there enough greedy people in power to eliminate the rest with less?  What happens when 1% of the wealthy becomes 1 person?  Sometimes I envision these men with their “backroom deals” and I wonder: will it really always be this way?  It seems men have been goverened by profit since time immoral. I think much of what we’re seeing these days with the Supreme Court and the Senate are last-ditch efforts of a generation about to lose power, and I must say, our nation’s politics will likely get worse.  Can anyone out there remember, or know of a good political machine?  I’m dying to know.  Even China can’t get Taoism right…

Something I’ve learned about biophelia  is that each new generation of specie adapts to its present environmental conditions, and learns what is normal beginning with its individual existence.  Therefore, an individual experiences environmental factors as they are, not as they were in earlier generations.  How long has it been since we’ve seen Small Pox?  Do today’s adults understand just what small pox is?  Or staff infection?  Our young children will take for granted that there is food, shelter, clothing.  They will not relate to Little House on the Prairie because there may not be any such thing as a prairie at the rate of Industry.  Our children will virtually hike the Appalachain trail, because the real one will have been demolished.  Dude, just watch Wall-E.  That’s where corporate democracy is taking us, man.  Yes I know Disney is evil too, what can one do?  The message is in the medium. 

Here on the home front, things are changing, if one takes the time to watch the flowers turn.  Things are not always as they seem.  I am being patient and going with the flow, but geez its only Monday!  I am still excited to garden this spring & summer, and look forward to sowing seeds.  See the thing is, Nature gives all the world’s species what they need to survive and thrive.  We people experience Joy from the flowers, Sustenance from the fruits of the trees and vines, and sweet honey from the bees.  What is there but to Love and Be?  Why does it matter if he has more tomatoes if I can trade him my honey?  So long as we both eat, and Live.  Our children can learn to be responsible, caring, peaceful, and fair, all from being nurtured by nature ❤


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