Start Caring

It is difficult to care when one is surrounded by apathy. I have lost count of the times I hear, everyday, the words “I don’t care.” Whether they are muttered by me or those around me, folks just don’t care, and this is becoming prevalent in Education. Now I’ll admit, I’ve only been in the field a short time when compared to twenty-year veterans, but even still it is obvious that our society lacks the passion so desperately needed to improve the way we care for our children.  Our current every-man-for-himself attitude is actually abandoning our children to ignorance and despair.  Over these past few years I’ve worked in childcare centers that are literally falling apart; they lack the basic necessities that should be afforded to every child, and regulating authorities continue to put up obstacles that may only be overcome with wealth.

Our Occupy movement is attempting to address income inequality, which is quite extreme in these modern times. Children are suffering this inequality the most, because they have no power over their birth status. The U.S. may be a wealthy country, but many of its children are born into poverty, as are children the world over. The reason the Occupy movement is not making any headway here is because our experience of poverty is very different from less affluent countries. We do have assistance for poor families, we are trying to socialize medicine, and we do consider Entertainment a necessity. Many of the upper-class, against welfare programs of any kind, have argued that families receiving assistance may not actually need it. They go into homes where families own newer televisions and appliances, 2 vehicles, and believe that because of these items that family cannot be considered ‘in need.’ However, many of the families’ currently receiving assistance have been in a higher tax-bracket, regular working folks who trusted their employers and received the shaft.

Watch This

Now, I commend media celebrities who report on the despair of our nation. I prefer Brian Williams, Jon Stewart, and Bill Maher. But fellas, how much do you make? Do you understand that you’re part of the problem? You’re in that millionaire class; your children do have a bright future. You may blame congress, and I’ll agree, it is the government’s robber barons that have for the past half century slowly robbed the working class of its American Dream, but the sheeple are not responding. They continue to numb their brains with American Idol, Wipeout, and other currently popular entertainment television.  Why, you may ask? Because they have no other options. We the People are not educated to compete in the global economy created by those robber barons. Those who have successfully made their way are actually social dropouts and deviants. If the People are given no honest avenues for work, they will beg, borrow, and steal. We’ve entered the age of Paradox. Wages are so low we cannot afford necessities, and in order to escape our despair we turn to media entertainment, which keeps us misinformed of the actions of those who have the power. Lobbyists have corrupted Washington beyond the point of recognition. We are subject to a false democracy whose leaders provide sound-bites that do not address the actual needs of society.

If we want to get out of this mess we must address our education needs first. Schools must be our highest priority. Schools must be our largest budgetary expenditure, not the military complex. Without a strong education base we will fall further behind in this global economy. And I’m not talking about providing higher education; I’m talking about K-12! Public schools have become, pardon my French, shitholes, where the poorest children suffer the most indignities. Teachers in the trenches are not valued by families, even though our children usually have more face time with those teachers than they do with parents. We’re stuck between a rock and a hard place, moving away from what we want, and getting back to what we really need. As more children are being born into poverty level households, their own parents are also uneducated, and apathetic.


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