On Entitlement

“You can survive a stroke, but the high price of medicine will give you a heart attack.” -Bernie Mac in Head of State

Today’s adults (who were once yesterday’s children) were raised on Ideals. Parents taught their young to believe that they could have the American Dream, but never taught them how to work. Children were not instructed in life skills, because they’d grow up to be millionaires and have everyone else take care of them. As in The Devil Wears Prada, “Everyone wants to be [glamorous] us.” Children were not instructed that, indeed, they may have to clean toilets or dust shelves to earn their Independence. They were led to believe if they studied well they’d go to College. They would have a Career. Let ’em be doctors an’ lawyers an’ such. Nevermind the $50-$100K cost, we’ve got Credit and Loans for your family. Consider it an investment.  Heck, have a baby and you can get Pell Grants and welfare money. In the real world, not everyone can be fabulous. Someone must collect the trash, manage water & sewer service, maintain the grid, fix the roads, etc.  Americans seem to believe the Hype; their mere existence in this world entitles them to be free of labor, and they perpetuate the Dream myth to their children.

Apologies, readers. I hope those who do abuse The System are of the few. I do know those who use The System don’t always vote, and may be uneducated. Cycle of poverty…unwed mothers…decline of western civilization…

I read a lot of Internet news; HuffPost, AlJazeera, and the like. One commenter (probably of the 53%) suggested the poor grow their own food and Uncle Sam could eliminate food stamps. I’m always amused by folks who think social change can happen at will.

First, the poor, some grossly uneducated thanks to public spending cuts, do not know that food is grown in a garden. Many adults with means do not grow plants, and wouldn’t know a bean from a pea. I’ve met so many parents that don’t know diddly-sqaut about how food grows, its frightening. Because we’ve continued to cut Science & Art, we’ve multiple generations of Nature challenged biophiliacs.

Second, with the majority of humanity living in densely populated areas, where exactly would people grow food? Foods don’t grow like Philodendron. People rent duplexes and apartments, the poor suffer areas of increased pollution; not exactly ideal for growing food. Anyone out there know how many acres in the U.S. are covered in pavement and blacktop? If a family is lucky enough to own a home they’re overworked to meet the mortgage payment, and don’t have the whole day to tend a food garden. Rooftop and school gardens are cropping up in progressive neighborhoods, but as Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution has shown us, very few people even know, let alone care, about the food chain. As long as its convenient and they don’t get Dirty. Folks don’t let their children cook in the kitchen, or dig in the dirt, because its “too Messy.”

Third, if the poor do not have their own money to purchase food at the grocery store (usually Eco-intensive) they also don’t have money to purchase seed, nor resources to begin food gardening; or they do not access local programs such as extension offices. It all begins with a Seed, and since we’ve patented the G-Nome(sp) Monsanto owns all the seeds; their greed would rather the poor be addicted to the grocery store.

Remember, citizens with Wealth, it has been greed and excess that has put the entire nation into this pickle jar. Capitalism has brought us Here. Food, Health Care, and Learning are essential to Life and Liberty, in my humble opinion. It would seem the Pursuit of Property has been distorted to extremes, thanks to unadulterated Greed. If the wealthy had been paying a higher tax rate we could’ve kept public education on the up-n-up. I’m all for equalizing the tax rate, so that any citizen earning income pays a % (5, 10, 20, 50, the IRS takes it before I can spend it anyway) in exchange for those necessities in this game called Life. America, the corruption has trickled down, but not he cash. I wonder if there would be less crime if more of the people’s basic needs were met? Without the perpetuation of the Dream would children have stayed on the family farm? Without the ideal of becoming a millionaire or billionaire, would children learn to be content with What Is? Would the equalization of incomes provide modern health care for all?


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