We the People are no longer We. We have become Us and Them. (And after all, we’re only ordinary men). 

I’m just stuck in the middle with you.

I’ll admit my family has it pretty good. Everyday I remind myself how fortunate I am to have a loving family, a beautiful home, relatively clean water, electricity, and a few amenities such as Cable TV and Internet access. I even have 2 vehicles. Compared to others, I’m living large!

The GOP seems to think folks like me must be living on a three figure income. Yes, They consistently ignore facts to benefit their own oligarchic agenda, including basic math. It seems They assume that A Job automatically equates to Living Comfortably. They don’t seem to understand it’s actually a juggling act. The Rest of Us (earned income < $100,000/year) are living on the edge.

To be fair, current Democrats across the nation are just as guilty of wealth-inflicted disassociation with The People.

Today, HuffPost reported a story that Mitt Romney encouraged one of his former flock to give up her baby for adoption. Perhaps he knew that this young mother, earning less, struggling to support herself and one child already, may fail at being able to lovingly support a second child. Perhaps he was trying to prevent a future case of abuse and neglect due to poor circumstances.  

I’m sure Peggy Hayes is not on the road to becoming Kim Hainey, but in the arena of child education and welfare we cynics are becoming increasingly aware of how income inequality and learned behaviors are leading to many more cases of abuse, neglect, and even murder. Early childhood education is morphing into parent education and case management, but usually after its too late. How many unwanted pregnancies could be avoided if we could educate young women about parenthood BEFORE the fact? This past semester I worked with teen moms, and most of them are clueless as to what resources are necessary to provide a good and decent life for a child. There’s a little factoid I heard once, that to comfortably provide for a child, a family needs to earn at least $50,000 per year. Teens and young women don’t know how much this actually is. They cannot comprehend the amount, the idea of earning money to pay for necessities is still beyond them.  

With comprehensive education we could teach young women to see beyond the picture painted by Hollywood & mass media. When will our fearless leaders take off Their rose-colored glasses? How many more children will die at the hands of their care-givers, everyday folks who have had to suffer too much themselves and simply snap? If a child has grown up without learning unconditional love, they will not know how to lovingly care for a baby, even though biology says they’re capable of having one. The biological fact of Being Pregnant does not create a Love and Care hormone. Love is an experience that is learned socially, from our familial environment. The thing Ms. Hayes and Ms. Hainey have in common is that they COULD have given their unplanned children up for adoption, not because they were bad people, but because those children could have been raised in an environment where they did not have to suffer. When will The People understand that adoption can be a Good Thing, especially for the life of a child? 


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