Really GOP?

I just can’t seem to wrap my mind around the warped perceptions of our leaders.

Years of research in child development & education has brought me to the conclusion that young children do actually fare better when there is a parent in the home. And yet, our society dictates that the mother go to work. Now I know there are a few SAH dads out there, and they do just as well as moms. Still, they are at home, and available to provide loving care to their children.

So GOP, why the insistence of eliminating family benefits? Smaller gov is great, but We People need the help. If you’re not going to tax the wealthy, then raise wages so families have a fair shot at survival. My husband makes a decent wage, over 2x the minimum wage, but once the bills are paid we’ve not much left for groceries, gas, and household necessities. Utilities keep rising, the cost of food is at an all time high, and moms are trading their FT working income for childcare expenses. The cost of living; e.g. owning a home, car, children, is exorbitant, and does not match incomes of common, everyday people.

Mitt Romney and other politicians are making millions every year, while myself and everyday folks like me are struggling to eat healthy and get adequate health care. I fret over the $25 co-pay to visit my GP, and sure don’t have $500 cash on hand for an MRI. Is this the problem? The wealthy have so much excess they can no longer relate to working class citizens? Perhaps because they’re wealthy, have everything they & their family need, the rest doesn’t matter.

We’ve become so very corrupted by wealth and greed I’m not sure there’s any way to change it, especially in the overnight manner that the people expect.  Instant gratification is ruining the populace just as quickly as income inequality.’tVote.html

I’m trying to figure out how I can tend my garden when I have to go to work. Who will care for my children this summer when I have to go to work? Who will tend the home while I go to work?

America, can you understand this mom’s dilemma?



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