Recycling:JUST DO IT!

I have been frustrated for some time now that people, even those in my own circle, do not understand how their individual behavior affects the larger whole. I understand change is difficult. I have changes in my own life I still need to make. I’m addicted to cigarettes, coffee, pork, etc. Bad habits like trashing recyclables affects EVERYONE. Just as We the People have attempted to boost the economy by purchasing homes, part of that home and community commitment is recycling. Here in Kansas we’ve banned indoor smoking as a step toward improving social health. Municipal curbside recycling would also improve social health, as it would reduce the size of the landfills. Yes, there would be an increase in costs for counties to provide this service, including the purchase of trucks specifically designed for hauling recyclable materials. But if we’re going to grow a mass of GMO corn anyway, why not use it for fuel in Waste Management trucks? In 2010 WM “recycled enough material to fill a football field 2.11 miles high.” Now, Denver is the Mile High city; can you imagine what it would look like buried in all that waste? Let us stop being lazy and wasteful, recycling merely requires a new routine. Just as you would wash the dishes, rinse out that milk jug and recycle it. And Readers, if you haven’t watched WALL-E yet, just do that too!  

Still think recycling doesn’t make that much of an impact? Check the facts!


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