Occupation: Mom

I have been studying education and child development for several years, in & out of the college classroom. I know that public schools are not effectively teaching children. I do not blame the teachers, I blame the oligarchy that has corrupted our government and our U.S. society. We may as well be sending our children to a workhouse; at least they’d get some physical exercise. The current classroom model is of drone production. 15 min for lunch, 15 min for recess, 15min P.E. and 15 min of music. The rest of their day is devoted to sitting at a desk. Since we are neither filthy rich nor dirt poor, both my husband and I must work; we need additional income to provide necessities to our children. In the meantime, while our family and many others are working for survival, our children will be shuttled from one caregiver to the next, spending the majority of their time with strangers each year, recieving inconsistent care and instruction. It is no wonder children do not learn core values; those have been traditionally taught in the home by the parents. Except in our modern era parents aren’t at home.

I have been on the other side, have worked as a child care provider for young children and school age children. I have seen the unqualified workers hired by providers such as the YMCA, Boys & Girls Club, etc. It is heartbreaking that these are the people we are forced to trust with our children. People fresh out of high school with little or no experience caring for children, people without the mental aptitude necessary for leading & nurturing large groups of children; in short these workers are glorified, overpaid babysitters.

For example, this Teacher making derogatory remarks toward a student, telling him he was “chocolate nobody wanted.”  I’ve heard my own child’s 2nd grade teacher refer to herself as a “battle axe” and have known many other teachers and caregivers to have a very negative attitude, everyday. Think about how these attitudes and offhand remarks are affecting our children’s self-esteem! Add to that the Bully issues facing our children, to the extent that a 9 year old feels he needs to bring a hand-gun to school, and high school students are ‘going postal’…America, we have to admit there is a serious problem in our culture, and it’s much larger than public schools can address. Its that Parents are absent from their children’s lives, and are clueless to their children’s day-to-day experiences, and because of income inequality, parents are uneducated, feeling powerless, helpless.

Please get the slacker image out of your mind when you think about stay-at-home-moms. I’m not lazy; I’m mad. Being a homemaker was once considered viable and profitable for families. Single parents, you simply cannot choose this option. I have intelligent children that I do not want to see dumbed down by neglectful care due to having two working parents. What good is a two parent home if neither parent is in the home?


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