Working for Beauty

I think I’ve mentioned that I’m trying to be a stay-at-home mom, but have I mentioned that I’ve adopted my grandmother’s garden?

To be honest, its quite a mess.

I can understand why she was so frustrated in her last few years.

The weeds are creeping into every planned bed, and some plants are simply growing out of their beds.

Day Lilies for Sale!

This vine is choking out bulbs & hostas…

…but every day it seems there is a new surprise; another tulip bloom opens wide, more hyacinth pop up, and the creeping phlox is a carpet of color.

I suppose I get so frustrated because this is a full-time job. Staying home to care for the house & yard is what wealthy folks pay housekeepers and gardeners top dollar for. If I go back to a paycheck type of job, the laundry and dishes pile up, the floors don’t get mopped, and my quality of life slips down a notch. It seems ridiculous, illogical to go to work to earn money just to pay that money to someone else to care for my children after school, to sweep & mop my floors, and to weed the flower beds. I find joy in this simple lifestyle, and yet the economy won’t let us afford it on one income.

Good people, why isn’t being the Mom valued as Contributing to Society???


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