Sweat Equity

Dear Readers, I have such a difficult time posting regularly! When I sit down to the computer, I usually read some news, check in with friends on facebook, then I’m off and outdoors! Today our weather is cool & cloudy, and who knows if it will actually rain?

Over this past sunny week I’ve been working diligently to get some of the flower beds back in order, and discovered those little miner bees that burrow their nests in the soil. While they may be deterring me from raking out more leaves and thinning out the overgrowth, I will share my yard with just about any pollinator.

I’m sure I’ve mentioned ‘A Bee Movie’ and if you have not seen it yet, please do! What if we humans get so crazy with our insecticides that we kill off the honey bee? Goodbye food! I am thankful for the Occupy Monsanto protesters in Warsaw, who piled thousands of dead bees in protest a few weeks ago. 
Back to my yard, so many flowers are blooming, and so many weeds are spreading that I can’t keep up, and must constantly remind myself to simply focus on one area at a time. Good thing we’re on a five year plan…

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