Waiting for Monarchs

Many folks, friends, and neighbors have said I should just “mow it all down.” 

Don’t think I haven’t considered it! I’ve been focused on weeding out the poison ivy, but it’s vines are buried under the vinca, and it’s more of a tangled mess than gum in a girl’s long hair!

But if I mow it all down and till it all under, I would also be destroying my legacy. Before it was Wild, there were prairie flowers. Before that, it was the vegetable patch, which seemed to feed the critters more than the family. There are the mighty oaks, whose age is possibly greater than I can imagine.

This is my Grandmother’s garden, the Little Eden where I spent countless days of my childhood. The place where, as one neighbor put it, my grandparents “worked like the Chinese” to make it a beautiful flower haven welcome to birds, bees, and butterflies.

In this wild place are treasures to seek

Bees and butterflies whose homes I would not compromise

Clematis, vinca, grapevine, and creeper

whisper to Ivy “crawl this way”

Peony & Honeysuckle chuckle

at my vain command to STOP!

Then I go and spend a quiet moment with the roses.


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