Brownback’s HB2117

The Brownback tax plan would hurt working families & schools.

“Some tax credits and deductions would no longer be allowed, including: food sales tax rebate for low-income Kansans; adoption expenses; child and dependent care expenses; child day care expenses; disabled access expenditures; small employer health benefit plan contributions; temporary assistance to family contributors, the homestead property tax refund for renters, and the cost of long-term care insurance premiums, among others.” –Rep. Ann Mah

Reducing income tax rates will not help homeowners pay a property tax rate increase in individual counties. Reducing income tax will reduce funds available to public schools through the general fund.

While it would be ideal for children to have an option of private schools, most families cannot realistically afford to shoulder the cost of a quality education, and are dependent on public schools to provide a learning arena for their children. Cutting spending for public schooling by eliminating teachers and increasing class size does not benefit students; it may in fact hinder them further.

While we may live in a wealthy nation, many of our children are born in poverty, or near it. 24% of all children in the U.S. are born into poverty (NPC). In Kansas, many children belong to families whom may be considered working poor, in that their parents work full-time jobs outside the home (NCCP). These are the majority of children in public schools today. Children do not choose to be in the world, let us not further their suffering by hindering education and schools. Studies have continuously shown that, in order to be productive learners, children need smaller class sizes where teachers are able to provide individual attention to successful AND struggling students alike.

How many parents can afford childcare expenses out of pocket, without the tax credit or SRS assistance?

This seems like the GOP’s method of forcing mothers to stay home with their children. How many mothers can realistically leave their jobs without taking an extreme hit to their family budget?

Wealthy corporations do not create local jobs because the available workers are not educated. We set our children up for failure because they are not prepared to perform labor-intensive tasks and are not taught the skills required to work in areas of manufacturing & production. Simply put, we don’t have production jobs in the U.S. because we don’t have a qualified, available work-force.

We cannot continue to increase the cost of goods without an increase in wages, especially if we would cut assistance to needy families.

In the past, with the Women’s movement, the choice was between work and children. Women were not choosing to do both; they were choosing EITHER a Career OR Children. Those who chose to raise a family usually did so with a Husband as a breadwinner. Women are still the family caregiver, but with income inequality reaching an ever widening gap, mothers are no longer afforded the luxury of choice. One’s family should not have to be sacrificed for the almighty dollar. Children’s nurturing and education should not have to be sacrificed just so parents and mothers can work extended hours every week to provide food & shelter.  Our modern system of placing priority to work over the priority of our children’s well-being is intolerable.

It would seem the GOP plan for addressing poverty in America is to cut off resources and “let them eat cake.”

This Friday, June 1st at 9:30am, Move On will host a 99% event at the Kansas Capitol, and present Governor Brownback with a failing report card, as it is clear he and other extreme conservatives in our state legislature are failing the people.


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