We cannot stand united in a superficial culture

I don’t have all the answers, but one thing I’m sure of, if we are to Unite Women, it is the culture that must change. While women are Teachers, Nurses, Bankers, Business Executives, they are also marketing’s biggest target. Sarah Palin, Michelle Bachman, and other women of the right uphold the Barbie Doll image of perfection that actually separates women from what is real. I have tried to engage the women in my circle, and have found that they do not care what’s happening in politics. They do care about what’s happening on Teen Mom, American Idol, and The Real Housewives. Women know who Snookie is, but do not know who their Lt. Governor is. Families who spend money on NASCAR tickets but owe $50 to their school for their own children’s lunches. Women will spend thousands of dollars a year on beauty products and services, but won’t spend an hour or two a week following their legislative representatives.

Our mainstream culture has become so superficial its no wonder we’re in this mess. The people who are paying attention feel powerless because we don’t have millions of dollars to get in the game. What good does it do for a group such as NOW to hold fundraisers and donate $1million to liberal candidates when the Koch brothers donate $100billion to the conservative boys club? 


I want women to stop wearing make-up. I want women to stop having plastic surgery. I want women to stop having lap-band and liposuction procedures, only to keep eating Oreo cookies and Ding-Dongs. I want women to stop buying brand names like Tide and Nike and Charmin. I want women to stop coloring and perming their hair. 

I want women to insist that the U.S. put more funding to the Dept. of Education and less to the Dept. of Defense. I want women to insist on Medicare for All. I want women to tune in to Amy Goodman instead of Chelsea Handler.

How many women (and men) don’t even know how unequal incomes actually are? 


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