It’s not Entitlement, It’s Equality

I’ve recently attended meetings of the National Organization of Women and here in Topeka, KS. One common theme is how to get citizens registered to vote.

Please know, Dear Reader, I’m 40 years old this year, and this is a big step for me; to get involved in the process of elections outside the voting booth. However, I can remember in high school History and Government classes we learned about political parties. Republicans, Democrats: NEITHER of you can stand alone on the national stage anymore. All of you keep up the rhetoric of the global economy, but you will not participate in multicultural politics. You keep the people under your thumb with ignorance and thought pollution.

Voting for “the lesser of two evils” is a ridiculous game to play. It’s like asking a child “do you want to build with blue or red Legos?” What if I want t play with ALL the Legos??!

My point is, we’ve always had multiple political ideals and a unique Constitution granting multiple voices representation in government .  The Republicans and Democrats are equally responsible for the corruption of the U.S., and capitalist values do not represent the majority of the people. The people, due to income inequality, are disenfranchised from their elected officials. Concentrated wealth has blurred the level of poverty the People actually live in.

This MoveOn video gives the issue some light for the upper middle class, as well as calling out the hypocrisy that the wealthy are ‘job creators’ who need a tax break.

If MoveOn honestly wants to move forward and reach those restaurant workers to vote, their message has to reach beyond Republicans and Democrats. The poor know those candidates are puppets, and have gone to play with guns. Because they have been limited to red or blue, the people have quit playing with the bullies.  Because they have been given inadequate education, they associate any person in politics to be one more puppet, one more illusory friend.

Aww, your towers are falling down. Maybe if you’d given equal strength to the structure with orange, green, brown, pink, and purple bricks it could withstand time and change.

Recently in Topeka, KS we’ve seen infants and young children suffer violent deaths due to living in poverty. In the past week we’ve had at least 3 home invasions, that I know of.  When a poor man (perhaps a father) becomes helplessly desperate, he does not turn to his congressional representatives for help. It’s like signing up for the circus. By the time a poor man jumps through all of Big Brother’s hoops, his family has left him and he no longer has an address to register with. To rob, cheat, and steal from ‘the rich bastards’ is a quicker way to meet his needs. Unfortunately, due to his minimal education, he cannot understand that his very real and simple poverty is merely a drop in the bucket of the profits and wealth held by a very few.

A man earning$50,000 a year will struggle.

A man earning $150,000 a year will be comfortable.

A man earning $16.5 billion (John Walton of Wal-Mart) should be able to pay his employees a median wage, but here in the U.S. we only meet the minimums.

A man who breaks into homes to rob,cheat, or steal may have had a job at Wal-Mart, but couldn’t pay the bills with a minimum wage income. His children were left behind because he and momma were working overtime to keep the lights on.

The issues facing disenfranchised voters are not simply a matter of changing minds. It is a matter of changing lifestyles and livelihoods. If we want to see fair and ethical representation locally and in D.C. we must reach out to the poor and downtrodden with a concrete plan and an honest voice. We must welcome multiple points of view without counting how many tattoos a citizen has. Like children, disenfranchised voters can smell the B.S. before you even ring the doorbell.


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