This Machine Kills Fascists

Listening to Henry Rollins’ stream of consciousness is fascinating. He pushes the boundaries, travels all over the world, and has found that people are the same, people in all parts of the globe want the same things: clean water, food, and a future for their children.

Seeing Henry Rollins live last night was good for my soul. I left the evening with a deep sense of “I’m doing the Right Thing.” I’m following my politicians and representatives as best I can, although they try very hard to keep many secrets from the People. No matter if you’re a bat-shit crazy Republican or a free-wheeling hippie Democrat, you have the right to voice your opinion. Many countries in the world do not have the freedom of speech as we do in the U.S., and I feel it is our responsibility to exercise that right with intelligence and facts. What we see today in the Republican Party is the result of generations being taught racism, hate and fear, without the benefit of unbiased education.

Today is the anniversary of Woody Guthrie’s death, and I’m sure he is rolling in his grave. I must say, the facts show our current system is corrupted, especially now that we have SuperPACs. Greed has become an invasive cancer in both the major parties, and I sincerely hope that the majority of voters take off their blinders before November 6th. Mainstream media and mainline politicians do not represent Main Street. They are puppets of misinformation. That we even have to FactCheck our politicians’ statements proves that unchecked Capitalism is a failure. I hope the People are keeping up with Bill Moyers as he seeks to root out the corruption in our government.

If you earn less than $250,000 per year, if you cannot support yourself with your minimum wage job, if your home has been foreclosed, if you have job skills but are unemployed, if you are retired but still have to work at McDonald’s or Wal-Mart to pay for food and medicine, you have been disenfranchised and are of the 99%. Let your vote be your revolt. Think outside the box.


Alternative candidates for POTUS 2012

Jill Stein/Cheri Honkala-Green Party

Stewart Alexander/Alex Mendoza-Socialist Party

Rocky Anderson/Luis Rodriguez-Justice Party

Gary Johnson/Jim Gray-Libertarian Party



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