Democrats in Kansas?!

In Kansas it is quite challenging to speak to NeoConservatives about issues without resorting to and dispelling rhetorical myths and stereotypes.

Sunday evening I attended the Shawnee County Democrat Bean Feed, an annual dinner held by local Democrats to come together in a sense of community. Not much politicking, several pats on the back and a bit of ego stroking, at $5 a bowl.

The thing about Democrats in Kansas is they are still a party for the people, albeit disjointed. Certainly not a big turnout; this outsider independent could tell it was a like a school clique or a sports team award dinner. There were only a few adults under 30 years old in attendance.

Like the Republicans, the Democrats also pray to God. I would ask that they stop. Break from the idea that we must pray for our government, keep church and state separate. For many folks, religion is dead and spirituality is a personal matter, not to be invoked by our government leaders. Recognize that today’s voters are not all Christians, or even believers in the Judeo-Christian God. When you open a meeting by praying to God and Jesus, you immediately alienate those of us with different belief systems.

Dear apathetic readers, I understand your helplessness. You feel you cannot take action in the real world, or that your action will have no resonance with the powers that be. So you say Fukitol! and get drunk/stoned/high/lost, play video games and RPGs, and ignore or forget about the huge issues at hand. Turn On, Tune In, and Drop Out. I get it. Your anger at injustice has successfully been pacified by the capitalist consumer powers that be. Do you realize they are one in the same? While you’re watching Family Guy, Fox CEO Rupert Murdoch is buying politicians. While we’re watching the Superbowl, those corrupted politicians are transferring our rights into the hands of the few. THEY BANK ON YOUR APATHY! GIVE A SHIT! Something you dear brothers and sisters CAN do: boycott every product you see a commercial for. Stop buying tide, apple iphones, doritos, shopping at Wal-Mart…that’s huge for we the poor, I know! But that IS something YOU can do, without having to look a politician in his/her (may or may not be lying) face.

Courtesy of The People's Boycott

The People’s Boycott

Democrats, some people believe that if you’re a politician, you’re part of the problem. I understand the need for fundraising, but when the people don’t have money to spare, your consistent fundraising becomes ‘greedy politicians always taking our money.’ In some communities, VOTE is a four-letter word, even among sober folk voting silently. Anthony Hensley is our Great Voice; many thanks for staying at the state level all these years; and Kudos to Senator Vicki Schmidt, a Republican willing to see the facts of public welfare. I sure wish her fellow Party members would understand that abortion and reproductive rights are a non-issue. Conservatives, go ahead and Trust that People want to be Good, and let Women make their own choices. Women are not choosing abortion by a flip of the coin. Poor women need birth control to prevent bringing another child into a life of poverty. I understand conservatives want cheap labor, but they are wrangling it at the expense of the whole Society.My apologies, Dear Reader, I digress. With Brownback’s tax plan, H.B. 2023 & H.B. 2085 Kansas Capitalists are trying to keep the People from a free public education. Soon enough we will all be homeschooling, whether we want to or not, because teachers will become scarce. How many young college students are choosing careers with a decent salary over teaching in public school? They go in for a teaching degree, and change their major in two years when they realize their chosen profession won’t sustain them with the simple necessities of life. Just because it’s a Noble Career doesn’t mean Teachers should be expected to sacrifice their own livelihood. The language in these two bills essentially prohibits education professional’s rights to negotiate the terms of their employment. They also exempt the State Secretary of Labor from the Kansas Open Meetings law. Brownback’s tax plan gives all the benefits to business-owners and wealthy industrialists, while shifting the issue of raising state revenues onto the working class. Capitalists don’t care about worker’s unions because they can get cheap labor from the jails & prisons. Workers don’t care about Capitalists because workers don’t have two-cents to spare for the soap-box.

In the case of United States v. Cruikshank (1875) the court ruled that the “equal rights of citizens were inherent to the idea of a republic.” The Kansas State Constitution literally grants the right of free public education to citizens. The Hutchinson News Editors request the Public review Governor Brownback’s tax plan. Citizens, we Little People must stand up to Capitalists who threaten to infringe on our rights. If we do not seriously commit to our civic duty as watchdogs of Government, Kansas will be two steps closer to a totalitarian state, and the next Capitalist Governor will have free reign.

The superior man does not wrangle. He is firm but not quarrelsome. He is sociable but not clannish.

The superior man sets a good example to his neighbors. He is considerate of their feelings and their property.

Consideration for others is the basis of a good life, a good society.


Here’s a follow up– our Super Regressive tax plan has made it to the desk of Paul Krugman, and is indeed Robin Hood in Reverse. Click Here


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