Are We There Yet?


Isolated in Solidarity, standing together in spirit.

We need to move forward, but we are broken.

We do not have money for repairs, and we do not have extra money for upgrades.

We are divided: those who Believe, and those who Deceive.

We are trapped in stereotypes and hype. No one knows who to believe. Everyone cares about what’s in it for Me.

Fear is around every corner of my mind.

Strength in numbers is hard to find.

Apathy and Anarchy lead the people underground

Truth is found in the light of day

Is anyone else tired of drowning your fear in a bottle? No tomorrow?

Do you know what you need? Not red or blue, but Green!

I may seem like a square, but I’ve been there, done that.

The clothes do not make the man.

Kansas grassroots suffer from drought, no way out

Self imposed isolation, degredation

Civil discord misled by the lies we are fed when we’re young

Justice has been hung by a dollar sign

Ayn Rand is no friend of mine

It breaks my heart, makes me wanna break down and cry

To know that–for injustice—we turn a blind eye

Continue on, the proletariat, addicted to screens we are sheep

We think we are enlightened

But look at the Company we keep.


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