Much Love and Many Thanks to Teachers

It’s Teacher Appreciation Week! Have you thanked a teacher today? Who was your favorite teacher growing up? Or did you hate school and couldn’t get out fast enough? Remember, Dear Reader, there is so much going on behind the scenes at school that it will blow your mind the work teachers really do!

Public school teachers, I honestly understand and highly value the work that you do, not only in teaching my children, but in teaching all children. While I am passionate about education, I do not have the stamina to be in a classroom with up to 25 children every day. America, we cannot continue to place enormous burdens on teachers and then complain and punish them for a student’s failings. We do not support a productive learning environment, but rather expect teachers to be magicians and miracle workers. How many parents recognize teachers as the Other Parent? While there may be bad teachers out there, I know the majority do what they do for the love of learning, and for creating shared learning experiences with children.

Teachers, I will continue to be your partner in education. While I may ask questions about your techniques or content, I will continue to recognize you for the Professional Educator you are. I will try to be aware of when my children are actually sick, and keep them home. I will volunteer in the classroom, send snacks for parties, and attend field trips. I will be sure my children are dressed appropriately (including shoes) and teach them that school is not a fashion show runway. I will be open when communicating, and hope you will be open with me as well. I will recognize you as an individual, and know that you too may have a family, a home, and perhaps a beer or glass of wine at the end of the day.

Last night at our final PTO meeting of the year, I noticed we have about a 1:1 Teacher-Parent ratio at our school. Sometimes it’s disappointing to see such a small group participating in the PTO, but then again, this small group has a camaraderie that larger groups may not share. I am thankful that we have a smaller school population, and that we seek ways to not only raise monies for classroom activities, but plan events that simply build our sense of community. Stout Elementary ‘broke even’ on our Chili-Bingo night, but our families came together and had a good time. Those are the kind of experiences our children need to be successful individuals in society, and I’m glad to be a part of the process.

Teachers know that Play is Learning

Teachers know that Play is Learning


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