Family Truckster Bucket List Vacation

Monday 5.27 Memorial Day

The goal was to leave the house early enough to get to St. Louis by 1:00pm. Of course, we did not check the weather, and so were not prepared for the heavy rain that greeted us first thing in the morning. After the previous year’s drought we welcomed the storms, but they did impede our progress. Driving though sheets of rain with limited visibility, highway traffic sometimes slowed to a crawl, and we saw many vehicles had gone off the road. Hydroplaning is for real people! Creeks and rivers along the way were flooded, and I always get a giggle when I see a flooded golf course. Saw an unfortunate armadillo near Fulton, MO. Have they really migrated this far north? According to the Missouri Dept. of Conservation, the ‘little armored one’ has been in the state since the 1970’s. Sign of the times, I suppose.

We finally reached St. Louis near 4:00pm, and drove on the river side of the Arch. The Mississippi was reaching the top of levee wall!

Mississippi River


Westward Expansion brought to you by Louis & Clark, and the U.S. Government.

Our bucket-list item was for Kirk to go up into the arch. I had been in high school, with First UMC Youth on a choir trip. He was trying not to voice his anxiety because Jonathan was nervous too. Once we got to the ticket counter and got tickets for the next ride up, anxiety turned to excitement. Note: folks with claustrophobia or heart conditions should not ride up.

Tallest National Monument at 630ft

Tallest National Monument at 630ft

Riding up in the elevator pod

Riding up in the elevator pod



Family Truckster 2013 009I simply wish our forefathers had listened to the naturalists, instead of assuming that resources were limitless!


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