Americans for Prosperity insist on Austerity

Americans for Prosperity is a dark money group corrupting our congress. Koch Industries is only concerned with the prosperity of the few wealthiest members of our society. We must take off our rose colored glasses and see that Greed has corrupted our country’s justice system. We the people are not receiving all the information needed to make sound choices in our government leadership, thanks to Americans for Prosperity and their hidden agendas. This group alone spent over $36 million in 2012 to mislead the public about candidates for election. Corporatism is the new Aristocracy, and this nation was supposedly created for every man, not only those with extreme wealth. Corporate control of our government did not work in the 1920’s, caused the stock market to crash, and that crash is likely to happen again.


There is no good reason why multi-million dollar corporations cannot pay their employees a fair wage…

There is no good reason for the high cost of food and utilities…

There is no good reason why the U.S. has the highest wealth, but our children live in scarcity…

Only the unchecked greed of a few can explain the demise of the middle-class.

For example, Kansas Republicans blocked wind farms —until BP wanted to build one. Kansas Republicans used to support public schools as a great equalizer, until billionaire’s special interests such as AFP and ALEC decided corporations needed an uninformed proletariat to keep wages low. Corporate owners and CEO’s can walk away from the economic depression experienced by our communities. If you own < $500,000 in property and assets you may not have a voice in the modern plutocracy. They use our morals and values as a front for their austerity agenda.

Women are the buyers, and sometimes the sole breadwinner. They want women at home with the babies, but we are not afforded that option.They tell us to make better choices at the grocery store, but we are not afforded that option. We have been nickel & dimed to exhaustion. Consumers can no longer carry the burden of our entire economy. If we are to afford a home & family, food & healthcare, corporations must fairly compensate workers and share the wealth. Reducing income taxes will not put more cash in our pockets, but raising wages will. Corporate interests are unraveling our social fabric, and if we want to make an impact, we must vote with our wallets.

We cannot oppose low wages and outsourcing of jobs while shopping at Wal-Mart and other big-box stores. WalMart_unions4workers

We cannot oppose the influence of Koch Industries while continuing to purchase Angel Soft TP and Dixie cups and plates.

FoodSourceMap_CorporationsNearly every name brand product we know and use can be traced back to a large corporation.

Corporations are not people. People who work for multi-billion dollar corporations such as Wal-Mart and AT&T deserve equitable distribution of profits, instead of the current top-heavy pay scale that favors bureaucrats and executives. While our tax dollars and subsidies get diverted to private bank accounts, workers are becoming ever more dependent on social welfare. I’m not even talking about the unemployed, I’m talking about families where both parents are in the home, and working, and still can’t make ends meet. When Teachers, Laborers, Firefighters and Peace Officers, and other Civil Servants are living paycheck to paycheck; when employees of the wealthiest company in the U.S. have to apply for food stamps and social assistance; when our schools have to have a fundraiser to simply plan a field trip; something’s gotta give.


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