An Invitation to Ride in Kansas


Social Media Event Cover for Freedom Ride

Dear Friends,

The fight for women is not restricted to reproductive rights, the general public welfare is at stake! Jobs, wages, healthcare, social security, our own and our children’s education is all being eliminated by the radical right-wing faction of the GOP. ALEC is like the Church of Ayn Rand!

The members of Kansas National Organization for Women invite you to join our Sunflower Suffrage Ride. We will ride bicycles in several Kansas cities and hope to join with all Kansas progressives. We invite you to ride for Human Rights on September 21st, the International Day of Peace. Help us demonstrate the real need for safe bicycle lanes in rural and urban areas, as folks often need alternative forms of transportation. Women and men working low-wage jobs can not afford the high cost of a car, but could get to work easily using a bike. Cycling frees us from dependency on others (bus schedules, carpooling availability, a loan officer) and keeps our bodies healthy and strong. Cycling teaches our children independence, in getting to and from school, visiting the library, or riding with a friend in the neighborhood. Cycling reduces air pollution, and also noise pollution. In cultures all over the world bicycles have liberated women and families from the confines of poverty through the freedom to travel. Ride with Kansas N.O.W. to celebrate women’s gifts to all culture. Independent owners and workers, public employees, students, families, all that we consume in our culture comes from women around the world. The folks who cook our food, mop the floors, stock the grocery shelves, set up store displays, answer the phone at Ask-a-Nurse and 911… on and on women are the heart of our culture, the motor of America. Our heroines are women who have demanded equality for everyday people, freedom to work as our hearts and minds lead us, and to be valued for our work with fair compensation. Many women do not want men to provide for us, but rather they partner with us. When women are liberated, so are their sons and daughters!

Visit and join the Sunflower Suffrage Ride today!



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