Life as an Ameteur

Friends and Followers, I will readily admit there is a whole bunch of stuff I don’t know. I am constantly Learning.

Joe Seeber recently started following, and when I went to check out his blog, I got a kick in the pants. I do believe a fire has been lit, and I will be changing the appearance of this blog soon.


I’ve always been a thinker. I love to share ideas, discuss issues and possible solutions. My flaw is that I didn’t learn how to turn ideas into actions. My dysfunctional family was always ready with reasons of why my ideas wouldn’t work, or would point out a slew of obstacles that, being young and impressionable, gave me the thought that  an idea or solution wouldn’t be successful.

Today the psych professionals call this Learned Helplessness.

Now I am NOT trying to make excuses!! It is simply the WHY.

I am also learning from Dan over at Leadership Freak  how to be positive and constructive in everyday interactions. I’m sure many of Dan’s readers are business folk, working in offices with other adults. My favorite leaders are Teachers.

(This act of starting a new paragraph for almost each sentence feels grammatically wrong)

I started Mary’s Place as a way to communicate with parents the importance of getting our children back outdoors, off the TV & Video games, and that the outdoor environment could be a learning classroom. But many of the parents whose children I cared for got hung up on stuff like ‘not getting dirty’ and ‘bugs are gross.’ I got so frustrated with their unwillingness to learn, to understand that yes, in fact, humans are animals too and must be responsible for our place in the Web of Life. They love the Disney movies like Wall-E or Pocahontas, but at the end of the film they completely dismiss the message. 

In addition to misunderstandings with parents, I was also very frustrated with the regulation process and the waste produced by childcare centers. I understand putting 14 four-year-olds’ in one space creates a bacteria breeding ground, but do folks know the science behind bacteria? Do they understand how some bacteria may work cooperatively within our bodies?

It became terribly clear that, yes, America is on the fast track to the Idiocracy. And I will not deny being a part of that, as a person who does not know as much as others may. I am a self-led student, so there may be sources of information I am completely unaware of. I am dependent on the public library and the public info I can find on this glorious thing known as the Internet. I tell my children the Internet can be like one giant encyclopedia!

It breaks my heart when I think of all the money our community spent to get computer banks into our public library, only to watch patrons playing video games for hours instead of accessing the enormous amount of information at their fingertips. Successful Zombiefication for Media Moguls.

Here’s one more thing I’m not good at yet: wrapping it up. Discussions about ideas can get dizzying like that.

I will continue to communicate, and I hope to create a bridge to a larger audience. I am fairly old-school; my apologies in advance for sporadic posts.

DO feel free to message me here, connect with me on the Facebook and the twitter

Music is a Universal Language, so I will leave you with one of my recent favorite songs. Much Love to All the People



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