Letter to Rep. Lynn Jenkins (R-KS)

Oct 9, 2013

Dear Madame,

It appeared you had taken one step forward with the No Labels clique in congress, but now you’ve taken two steps back with the Party.

I don’t think shutting down congress can ‘line item’ which services remain open (listed here). If you want the park ranger to stay at the museum, perhaps you should cut your own excessive benefits. Adopt the Buffet Rule. Lew Prince, of the group Business for Shared Prosperity, writes that the Bufffet Rule makes Main Street sense (Apr16,2012).

I understand you may not be much older than me (41) and I understand you’ve inherited this GOP dysfunction. That is why I, along with others, say to you ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!

Obamacare IS the compromise! If you (along with other extreme conservatives) had voted for single-payer health care, we wouldn’t be in this debacle. The U.S. can no longer call itself a Super Power without the health and well being of its citizens. Do the right thing for all the people, and show Kansans that there is at least one representative in the GOP that has common sense and values the common good. Policies that benefit the public are not the fat that needs to be trimmed!

The Affordable Care Act would pave the way for ALL employers and workers to get health care plans. For instance, there could be a KanCare plan for Grocers. When pursuing life, liberty, and happiness in modern society, the people need access to health care. Doctors and nurses, clinics, medicine, etc. Liberty is the people having a personal relationship with a provider without the influence of an exorbitant insurance plan. Did you know? Universal Health Care is how England brought their country back from oblivion after WWII.

Do you honestly believe Democrats want “death panels”? That’s absurd, because the people who are the health providers and a family make the decision to ‘end life.’ My mother is a retired nurse, several family members are nurses and doctors, and I promise they’re not as psychotic as all that! Well, some may have been driven to lunacy after dealing with an HMO…My point is, please stop being so naive & dissuaded by Republican rhetoric and rumors. As my dad would say, “believe half of what you see and none of what you hear.” The truth is, we have seniors experiencing the dilemma of paying rent or purchasing much needed medicines. We have families who cannot pay for a real emergency, or even a visit to the doctor for a flu shot. Many folks in Topeka don’t have a $20 co-pay, let alone a $100 fee if they don’t carry an insurance plan. Jackson County, full of farmers, is the poorest county in our area.

You could also Vote Hemp, as I mentioned at your most recent TownHall in Topeka. Hemp would fund our public schools! Republicans fuss publicly about some kind of “education indoctrination” and “teacher union thugs” and then complain that high school graduates haven’t learned anything related to work. Well, ‘work’ requires the same Science and Math learning that public schools provide. If you restrict basic topics of knowledge in the name of Creationism and Capitalism, children are not going to learn anatomy & biology, and will not be able to enter medical school to become future doctors and nurses. They also will not learn how to operate large farm equipment (engineering tech) or grow the next generations’ food crops (plant biology and horticulture). They won’t be able to measure a bushel and a peck!

I’d like for you to visit with Bill Moyers more than Bill O’Reilly.

Listen to Moyers’ essay on the sabotage of democracy here. Really Listen.

Moyers also reports that “Mary Barry is fomenting an agrarian revolution.”  Cut subsidies to industrial farms! Stop giving taxpayer cash to private corporate billionaire CEO’s! Level the playing field!

The Daily Mail reported in June 2012 “Bankers and politicians ‘showed same group mania and symptoms as mental health patients’ in lead up to credit crunch.” Dave Hodges of the Common Sense Show reports that our country should be dubbed “The United States of Psychopathology.” I’m afraid he may be right, given the Republican behavior in our congress. It’s mental health awareness week, and I’d like you to use your taxpayer provided healthcare benefits to go get tested.


Fed Up


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