Wealth Inequality affects all people

Wealth inequality in the U.S. is so ridiculous it’s quite disturbing, and we cannot ignore it anymore.

Republicans are still dreaming of a return to a gone by era of prosperity. In those marvelous 1950’s, a blue-collar job would provide enough income to support a family.

When more and more people are just scraping by, our communities will see more theft, and more black market activity. When a parent is reduced to stealing food for their children, stealing goods that will gain some money from the pawn shop to pay the electric bill, or becoming a habitual borrower through payday and title loans to make their rent, we will see the middle class completely collapse. We will see the increase of a police state. We will see more overcrowding in our prisons, which is ok with the wealthy because they own the prisons. The tax $ we pay to support the prison system is one more example of how our current government supports privatization over the public good.

I worry our nation is doomed to repeat the depression, because average citizens refuse to acknowledge facts and choose to believe blatant lies. Lies perpetuated to keep them from the truth of the current class war. Not only Fox News, but also CNN and MSNBC continuously report rhetoric and half truths, because (surprise surprise) media moguls are part of the wealthy tearing down our system of shared prosperity. Don’t be duped by the Kochs’ and Americans for Prosperity!

What we are observing today is the death throes of Capitalism on a global scale. I’m just sorry I didn’t listen to the ‘preppers’ sooner. Today I’m too strapped to honestly sock away toilet paper, let alone food and candles. After reading this article with Rob Hopkins about a Transition economy (www.transitionnetwork.org) I am even more convinced that I need to transition my backyard into a market garden. However, my husband’s income is barely enough to keep us stocked in cheese sandwiches. If I want to work-at-home, I have to go back to work to earn some income to purchase the supplies I need to get my yard transitioned to a market garden. That’s right, I could essentially work two full time jobs (motherhood is a full time job without pay) in addition to my husband’s full-time salaried position with benefits plus a part time 2nd job to try to keep the budget belt from breaking.

See the vicious cycle there?

We little people are screwed.

Anyone willing to give me some Mennonite type help? Maybe I should start a gofundme account? The last thing I want is another loan, our family debt is high enough!

First things first, a retaining wall; quote from a landscaper for repair: $13,000.

rockwall collapse onto neighbor's garage

rockwall collapse onto neighbor’s garage



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