Think Small Thanksgiving

Is it just me, or is facebook seriously the easiest platform to use for sharing information?! I haven’t been sharing as much as I should to facebook. All the news that’s fit to print comes from several sources, and it’s a bit overwhelming.

The Pitch in Kansas City recently summed up what has been happening in the Kansas government. The writing and criticism of our current legislature is pretty fair, in my opinion, but of course there are always folks who comment in the negative, and I swear some of them do it just to BE negative. As Katt Williams said “Haters gonna hate.” Here is “the Pitch’s guide to Kansas’ shift from far right to very wrong” by David Hundall.

Across the state and the country everyday people are experiencing hardship while a select few experience excessive prosperity. The system is fixed, rigged, and corrupted.

Let me try to break it down to a personal level, because I know many folks who use the “but I…” excuses.

When you shop at WalMart, purchasing Name Brands like Tide and Kellogg’s and Kraft, the profits from those sales go directly to shareholders and CEO’s.


You may feel like it still supports local workers, but at minimum wage most of those workers are not earning a living. As reported at, a Canton, OH WalMart is asking for donations for its store employees, instead of paying a decent wage.

The CEO’s and Corporate board pool their profits into Political Action Committees (PACs) such as Americans for Prosperity and junk science research like the Cato Institute. Those groups, in turn, bribe and cajole politicians (the people we vote for) into passing legislation that hurts everyday people while benefiting that minority that happens to have billions of dollars at their disposal. Billions of dollars collected from people who shop at WalMart and buy the brand. Billions of dollars that could be distributed to workers through higher wages, profit sharing, bonuses, and retirement savings, without giving up their elite status.

I call out WalMart because The Walton Family are our modern-day Robber Barons.

Courtesy of The People's Boycott

Courtesy of The People’s Boycott

Those same CEO billionaires do not contribute to the tax base thanks to loopholes in legislation they helped create. Wichita school board member Kevin McWhorter breaks it down in this editorial.

So not only are everyday people struggling to keep a roof over their head,

everyday children are feeling the pinch in their schools and at the dinner table.

Humans, Americans, as we approach Thanksgiving it is time to minimize. Think small. Mass media and commercial capitalism have hijacked our true values and mutated them into this shopping & spending consumer monster.

Black Friday madness is essentially a day of excused rioting.

Consider alternatives for gift-giving. Shop Small Business Saturday, and keep your dollars in your hometown.

Got young children? Let Santa bring gifts that will only fit in the stocking.

Give trinkets instead of over-the-top gifts.

Give gift-cards to the grocery store instead of WalMart or Best Buy.

Got a family group that has everything? Consider a collective donation to Harvesters or Homeless Shelters.

Do you have to find that one-of-a-kind unique thing for someone special? Find your local Random Art of Kindness event, or check out the art galleries, antique stores, and thrift shops.

Please consider what you are thankful for. Is it your laptop? iPhone? The latest Hollywood blockbuster on blu-ray? Or are you, like most of us, thankful for your family & friends, the roof over your head, the food in your belly, and the clothes on your back? If so, let that be enough. Let your heart swell with gratitude every time you flush the toilet (I love tap water access). You’ll find that when you are truly grateful for what you have, the event of Black Friday becomes ludicrous.

Above all else, count your blessings. The way things are going, next year you may not have that pot-to-piss-in.




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