Speaking Dogmatically

Friends and neighbors, it is time to take off the blinders. Our Earth is in peril, and the status quo has collapsed.

I constantly see several small groups all pushing back. We need to combine forces.

Unite Women, National Organization for Women, Women to Women International, Women Empowerment, Gorilla Feminists, Pink Progressives, League of Women Voters, KidsGardening teachers, Classroom Teachers, Nurses, Social Workers, Education Staff and Superintendents, Rachel Carson Society, John Muir’s Sierra Club, Union of Concerned Scientists (hell, Union Members) League of Conservation Voters, Family Farmers…need I go on?

Mothers. Everyone has a Mother.

There’s reason we call her Earth. I had a chat about ‘cousins’ at school today, and brought up the ideal of “All Humans are Cousins” (young kids, I kept it simple). I explained that humans started as a small group, and then expanded, having babies. I didn’t mention geography or evolution, although this is Creation. Whether or not one Believes in a Biblical Creation, this Mother Earth sustains us all. It is, for all we know, the only one. In the Bible, everyone came from a sub-group, Adam&Eve. In Science, I’m not sure, I think it goes back to multiple sub-groups in Pangea? Or mice were the first mammals with dinosaurs? I’m not good with History. Be Here Now. Ask Neil deGrasse Tyson, or Bill Nye, or 13,246 other scientists.

Today, I prayed with People of Faith for our Earth. Interfaith Power & Light is a group of  humans from every walk of religion, using their special language to communicate the action necessary to our faithful leaders. Truthfully, I think its about time! Some of our congresspersons are wolves in sheep’s clothing. Rube’s. Knaves. Nay, villians. They have used our most precious children to keep us fearful, our beliefs have been misled, while they desecrate the Earth and destroy Creation. Now, I know You know I’m for the separation of church & state, pay what is due Caesar, what not. God just might forgive us all for our skepticism. He has before 😉

This planet is out of coal and oil. It’s not worth any furthermore collateral damage to continue using coal&oil as an energy source. This is one of the tenets of IPL. Economists must count the collateral cost of digging&drilling (Rabbi Rieber). Rev. Martin directs our attention to our cousins in China. The smog they are chocking on today will become our rain next week. It will also most likely blend in with radiation over the Pacific. All for the plastic and fuel monster. The IPF suggests that not only must individuals reduce their use, but we as a society must join together with lawmakers to change direction, as we further learn the true results of previous ‘back-room deals.’ For example, short-term permits for natural gas fracturing waive water safety regulation. Frackers are exempt from keeping the water clean! (Rev. Nietfeld) The KXL (intended for EXPORT) will never pay property taxes (Rev. Minx). Kansas is slated to become an oil highway, and that’s not a good thing. Where are ya now NIMBYs?

“It is not hard to see that environmental degradation is often due to lack of far-sighted official policies or to the pursuit of myopic economic interests, which then, tragically, become a serious threat to creation.” -Pope Benedict XVI

By the way, Dr. Jill Stein has gone to jail several times for Occupy actions. As President, she would have filed that executive order to halt tar sands pipelines. Fracking? Forget it. She’d cut energy subsidies. I swear there is an entire Green New Deal, and Big Daddy fat cats don’t like it.

Libertarians, hear me out…The Justice Party needs you! Koch’s and Bush’s and Brownback clan have their Kingdoms. We the people DO need a limited government. Some law & order. Put the gun down! No Fear! Focus! Its ok to say climate change. Several different farming methods can get us, as humans, back on track for the next millennium.

Kansans, as we celebrate our civil rights history with others across the country, remember our state history as a hotbed. Our population may be small, but our government’s power is currently too big. The smaller government some Republicans try to sell you is NOT the just & fair small government you remember our forefathers establishing. If your idea of Americans for Prosperity is the 1950-60 era, please remove your rose-colored glasses! “God is desperately waiting for us to join Him in the Wild.” -Rev. Longbottom “Micah invites a new world into our midst, not as a pipe dream…but as an invitation to live into God’s future now.” -Rev. Jones “The Servant will not grow faint or be crushed until he has established justice in [and for] the earth.” Rev. Harder, on Isaiah 42:1-9.

What would the Reverend King do?

Tu B’Shevat, may your trees be fruitful in the new year. Bible readings: Psalms 8, 104, Isaiah 40 & 42, Genesis, Micah 4, Romans 8.


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  1. Its my OCD. Compulsively write down everything. The hard part is getting info transferred from notes to post!

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