Kansas congress, you make me ill

I have to wonder, are our representatives really this crazy? Or are they hiding something?

Consider the theory of Wag the Dog. The power players send a story to the media outlets, the media run the story, and its so fantastic (or in the case of Kansas, so ridiculous) that the people are consumed, unable to follow any other news.

In Kansas, we’ve seen bills to discriminate, to allow public spanking, to restrict divorce, to reduce services. The people are upset, distraught, amazed that the GOP would go so far right. As the Kansas City Star put it “right off the rails.”

What is not being reported is the progress of bills that would turn our court system upside down. This is a real threat. Also low on the public radar are bills that would further dismantle public education, remove county options for land use regulation, and refuse sustainability efforts in our energy sector.

These are Big Picture issues, but the media, once again, has the public tangled up in the bedsheets.

For example, Republicans would like to change the process of Judicial Selection. Currently, Kansas has a non-partisan application & selection process, where candidates for a seat on the Supreme Court are heavily vetted. As we see at the federal level, the process of appointment is usually partisan, and a slippery slope. Gov. Brownback would like the privilege of appointment, if only so he may stack the court deck in conservative favor. GOP members in Kansas would also like to shift power of authority from the Supreme Court to the Appellate Court. Again, our current lawmakers want to change rules to benefit their own partisan agenda.

Do trust, dear readers, the GOP Agenda is the 1984 future we were warned about. Propaganda will tell you that Democrats want to raise taxes. What they don’t say are the details: that Democrats want to raise taxes on the wealthiest incomes, those of the top 1%, those of the people who have so much the rest of us are suffering. We need public school building upgrades to the tune of $140million in Topeka, but don’t have a strong tax base, because nearly 80% of public school children are poor. But the GOP would have you believe that local districts and school staff are not spending the money well. That Teachers are overpaid and frivolous. The Forbes top 5 American billionaires pay heavily into groups like Americans for Prosperity to keep that propaganda going. To keep everyday voters with less that a cool million in their pocket distracted and confused and uneducated about the issues.


Voter postcard paid for by The Judicial Crisis Network, and not authorized by any candidate or candidate’s committee. Source: imgur

If the public does get too close to Truth of Corruption, we get an ALEC bill to distract us to a different committee.

What else was happening in the statehouse the day Senator Pilcher-Cook hosted a sonogram party?

This is not the Kansas I was born & raised in. This has been a long-time plan of the wealthiest families in America, the New Empire.

I’m just sorry I didn’t commit to fighting it sooner in my life.

Empty of any Truth, but cost Sean Gatewood his seat in the Kansas Congress.

Empty of any Truth, but cost Sean Gatewood his seat in the Kansas Congress.

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