“The decision whether or not to bear a child is central to a woman’s life, to her well-being and dignity. When the government controls that decision for her, she is being treated as less than a full adult human responsible for her own choices.” –Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg

Its been a while since I’ve posted, for several reasons. I’m getting to an age where I seem to attend more funerals than weddings. At 42, I’m concerned with our society’s increase in younger-aged deaths. I’m sure many young deaths are due to lifestyle choices, such as alcoholism and addiction. Yet many more deaths can be linked to supposedly healthy choices, in our food.

A similar link to our modern food system: birth defects.

It’s NOT ok to expect a young woman (single or married/in a relationship) who is unprepared, to bear a child. Yes, she’ll have plenty of support through WIC to access healthy foods at the grocery store; those foods available to her are loaded with unnatural chemicals that will alter her and her embryo’s DNA. She may think a bag of salad is a healthy choice, but does she know if its covered in pesticides? She, and millions of other women, are the great Monsanto experiment.

For example, a very popular poor mom’s food is Hamburger Helper. The beef may be chock full of growth hormones that will affect the fetus’s endocrine system. The dried pasta and spices most likely contain the genetic code for RoundUp. Heavy use of bug-killer, weed-killer, and fertilizer on our food crops affect men & women, and may be the cause of increased childhood allergies & asthma. Not to mention more severe defects resulting in stillbirths & miscarriages, which the GOP would have you believe is that woman’s fault. The one who did everything right, playing by the Rules of Social Norm.

We Americans rely on foods that are pre-processed, fast and easy. I’ll admit I’m one who favors convenience foods. I try to eat local, I don’t shop WalMart, and I get most of my groceries from Dillon’s or Aldi, but how can I know that a can of tomato sauce isn’t loaded with BPA? (Environmental Working Group has found no regulations on canned food.)  How can I know that Taco Villa isn’t using the same exact meat supplier as McDonald’s? I must un-learn how to consume food. Some days I feel as though I must live like a pioneer of the past in order to avoid heavy toxins in food.

It is women who provide food for the family, from conception through infancy to adulthood. Women are also society’s caregivers: Teachers, Nurses, Social Workers, Restaurant owners, State employees and Congressional support staff, on and on. Yet women have left the full-time career of Home Maker. In pursuit of our own happiness, we’ve left behind all children, and all our knowledge of Food. We’ve become so dependent on pre-made foods that our sons & daughters who do survive childhood are dying before they’re 70. Grandparents are experiencing an increase in Alzheimer’s, dementia, and digestive diseases. But in the meantime, The Walking Dead is on…

“Not participating in our elections gives you no voice. We have to use the tools that we have. If more people participated in the elections and were informed, we could have a revolution. Lack of participation is part of why corporatism has been taking over our government. We are vacating and they are occupying an empty house. – Annabel Park, The Coffee Party

While we’ve continually struggled with the day-to-day choices that come with work and family, our male leaders have made choices that affect our children and grandchildren at their very core. Their actual existence is already at the toss of genetic dice, and government billionaires have upped the ante. Any woman may already know she does NOT want to be a Mother, but the government continues to create road-blocks to her freedom of choice. Less than simple access to birth-control, extremely limited access to abortion, and misinformation to women with unwanted pregnancies through public health agencies.

Many people are resolved to the thought that Government is all “One Big Lie.” Women need to revolt against the Big Lie. Yes, we’re quite comfortable watching football, NCIS, and Duck Dynasty. We’ve worked all day to support the children in our homes, or we worked a second job to save up some extra cash, and so dinner is a frozen lasagna or a trip to the drive-thru. Pizza Hut for the Play-offs. Yet this supposedly healthy lifestyle; working, recreational sports, dinner & rest, is actually killing us, and billionaire CEO’s would like to keep it that way. You’re declaring bankruptcy due to medical bills because your child developed cancer? Too bad, go homeless for all they care. Can’t find a job to accommodate your disabled child’s odd schedule? Well, isn’t disability income enough? Welcome to the real world. Your daughter just started playing softball and all of a sudden has asthma-like symptoms? Thank Monsanto & RoundUp.

Women, let’s sink this capitalist system.


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