Lady Parts Justice

Whether I give birth, or have an abortion; whether I use the pill, or an IUD, or PlanB, or a diaphram, or have my tubes tied, or a hystorectomy, is my own decision in these United States.

Or, at least, it WAS my decision until a small group of fanatic fundamentalists took over our government.


Now, I ponder whether I should call my Senator before I schedule my next pap smear, whether I should check my insurance policy before I use any prescription birth control, and (to cover my bases) perhaps we should begin keeping coitous logs and install ovulation tracking devices.

Perhaps, dear reader, you have never had an abortion. Neither have I. I gave up a child for adoption instead of seeking abortion. The point is, are you willing to let government, or your boss, make that decision for you? Are you ready to make that decision for a woman you’ve never met?

Can you understand that a woman’s greatest freedom is the liberty to decide if and when she has a child??!  

Scalia Law seems a lot like Sharia Law. Women across this free nation are subject to severe restrictions while men may continue to do as they choose.

If men can have free Viagra, then women deserve PlanB. It takes two to tango, and it’s time to end the taboo of women enjoying sex.

Women, we must show our numbers and exercise our power! If you love your vagina, someone else’s vagina, if you have a daughter whose happiness is your every dream, join us in Topeka Kansas on September 27th for our V to Shing V event!

Learn more at LadyPartsJustice, join our Kansas event at facebook, and stand up for your right to choose what you do with your body!


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