Liberty + Justice for All = Equality


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Lady Parts Justice V to Shining V event

On September 27 women are gathering coast to coast, and bringing their vaginas to a state capital near you. In Topeka, the local National Organization for Women chapter will rally at the statehouse from 3:00-5:00pm. Kansas women, it’s time to sand up with our sisters across the nation to demand freedom from ignorant discrimination!

I am exhausted, living in Kansas, and listening to the rhetoric that continues to spew forth from our own leaders. The ‘what-ifs’ are too numerous to justify laws against abortion, and religious dogma does not compensate for the lack of facts in current abortion restrictions.

Archaic religious beliefs cannot answer the needs of the people in these modern times.

Women, aren’t you tired of others shoulding all over you?

Do you understand the audacity of others expecting you to be prepared for the possibility of being raped?!

This report from the Southern Poverty Law Center outlines the problem of violence against women.

This commentary from James Brown demands that men step up!

Our society can no longer exclude reproductive parts from the general discussion of overall health. A woman’s body cannot be examined without including the vagina and uterus, just as a man’s physical is incomplete without a penis & scrotum check. You know the drill, men: “Turn your head and cough.” Our real, concrete lady-parts do affect our human health. They deserve the same amount of attention as the heart and lung check, or a blood test for high cholesterol. Let us stop pretending that women don’t enjoy sex! Let us stop pretending that every woman is fulfilled when she becomes a mother. Let us accept that no one ever asks to be raped or abused!

Are you outraged enough, fed up enough, to stand up the the false message and say NO MORE! When one is acting in Love, there is no violence. When one is acting in Love, thoughts of war and destruction disappear. When we set our minds to thoughts beyond the fulfillment of sexual desire, we can experience Justice and Equality.

 Are we ready to treat others fairly, simply because they exist as humans? When we stand together we are stronger!

In Kansas, a woman’s right to privacy and the liberty to make her own choices about her body have been essentially terminated by the radical conservatives in our state legislature. Perhaps you are a woman who never has had, and never will have an abortion. Are you willing to make that choice for someone you have never met? Are you willing to demand that all pregnancies come to fruition, regardless of the consequences and the situation? Are you willing to give up your freedom for the conservative agenda?

Welcome to Brownbackistan! Travel the time-warp to a state where people believe that men are the authority and women are too frail to make decisions for themselves. Women must be obliged to have lots of babies so the state can have a labor force comparable to Bangladesh. The state may tax medical savings plans when women use Planned Parenthood for their neo-natal care. Women only get a tax break if they give birth in a church.

We are social creatures. The human family can change, through ripple effect. When the thousands of us who agree stand together as one, the men in power take notice. Countless number of us agree, and must come together in solidarity. If 40 people show up to support Equal Rights, but 4,000 people show up to support segregation of the sexes, who do you think the men in power will favor? The exception to change is only a man, who happens to occupy a chair and hold the power of the pen. We can put a different person in the chair.

We can join together and show our numbers, September 27th at the state capital!




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