With men like this in power, civil war seems inevitable

HuffPost Politics Shadee Ashtari reports that Justice Scalia will continue to favor religion in the court

Please trust, I am not in favor of civil war. In fact, I had a bad dream the other night that my children were brutally drafted into the U.S. military.

John Lennon’s Imagine is what I hope our nation, and world, can grow to become.

The problem is that people with religious belief’s think they are Right, and anyone who does not share their belief is Wrong. They do not honor Free Will when it is used to reject their belief system for a different one. They do not offer compassion and understanding to their neighbors, unless their neighbors are also church members. We Americans have come to qualify others based on how similar they are to us, and we reject anyone who does not fit into the box we have built around our own mindset.

This is not Unity. This is not Love. And this is certainly not Christian. People of Faith, to what end will you blindly follow these wolves in sheep’s clothing?

Secularists, it may be time for a Coup. This Oligarchy is using Religion to the demise of the very people who would believe the Christian tenets of faith.

Thanks to Emily Yates, John Prine, the Rolling Stones and of course the Beatles for your music. It kept me from the edge this morning.



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