How many band-aids does it take to heal a nation?

Here in Topeka, KS, folks are ever-giving. They donate to Silverbackks, a group that helps the homeless with food and necessities. They donate to United Way which supports child care providers. They donate to Red Cross, helping people through extreme tragedies. They buy items from school fundraisers. They donate to their church food pantry.

Humans, there are several ways to donate your time and money to help others in need, but while we’re collectively scrambling to keep up with the demands of that need, our government is putting ever more citizens into that category.

50,000,000 Americans are living in poverty. In Kansas, 1 in 5 children are living below poverty level. And if you take into account the fact that minimum wage is not a living wage, the numbers jump to nearly 60% of Kansans living hand-to-mouth.

Here in Topeka, we had nearly 700 public school children experiencing homelessness and near-homelessness in 2013. Our Free & Reduced numbers are near 80% of Topeka Public Schools families.

How many families could feed themselves if they earned a higher wage? How many parents would be at home with their children if their spouse earned a wage that would support their whole family? If their Corporate CEO boss wasn’t hoarding the wealth?

How many public schools could quit fundraisers if the state would tax the wealthy at a higher rate?

How many would be able to pay all their bills if we had universal health care? Did you know? Emergency healthcare is a leading cause of bankruptcy in the U.S.

Widen your lens!

SEE that the War on Poverty fizzled out because it’s champion was murdered. Who will pick up his banner?

SEE that the people in power want us to keep chasing our own tails; there is a plan to shift this Republic away from the people. Because we’re living hand-to-mouth, they are succeeding.

SEE that we need warriors who are willing to go into the lion’s den. We need people who are willing to fight & die against a tyrannical dictatorship. We need people who will carry truth to areas only receiving one-sided information from the very lords who would enslave us.

PLEASE do not assume me a crackpot! I have done too much research for you to not take me seriously. I will attack your deepest held beliefs, if that means I will also expose you to the truth of the destruction of our collective livelihoods.

“A high poverty rate is both a cause and a consequence of poor economic conditions. A high poverty rate indicates that local employment opportunities are not sufficient to provide for the local community. Through decreased buying power and decreased taxes, poverty is associated with lower quality schools and decreased business survival.” –Kansas Health Matters

Another result of high poverty rates is a higher amount of petty crime. If people can’t provide for themselves, they’ll steal it. We do not need to beef up our police force and build more jails. We need to provide people with opportunities and wages so they may not be in such desperate need.

We must stop treating the symptoms, and start attacking the cause: Corporate ownership of our Government.

“I just like to believe that there is something higher that we can be, rather than petty, small, fighting, grabbing, killing, stabbing, starving brutality. But then, I’m just a girl.” –Lily Tomlin


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