Opposition to HB 2199 in Kansas Legislature

Sent to Kansas House Education Committee members on February 19, 2015

Dear Representatives,

Parents of public school children are already given the opportunity to review curriculum and opt out of sexuality education classes. Human sexuality is a natural part of human development, and without correct and comprehensive instruction we will continue to see an increase in teen pregnancy, the spread of sexually transmitted infections, and ill-prepared parents. If parents wish their children to learn abstinence-only sex education, they are free to opt-out of the public education classroom and enroll their child in a private religious based program. Many churches offer abstinence support groups for youth struggling with their changing bodies and the physical desire for sexual activity. And yet, many parents I’ve spoken with DO want their children to learn about responsible sex practices, but may be too embarrassed to discuss the issue. If we as a society want our children to learn responsible caring parenthood skills, and to avoid STIs and unplanned pregnancy, then we must provide all-inclusive public sex education in a human development class. I urge you to vote NO on HB 2199.

Readers, I encourage you to be bold and continue to communicate with your Government officials. We must flood their in-boxes, mail boxes, and meeting rooms in order for our voices to be heard. Unless someone has some funding to match Koch Industries…


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