Common Core and Common Enemies

Republicans, I’d love to know where you come up with this stuff.

How do you come to the conclusion that “Common Core is Predatory” ?


Thanks Mike Thompson

On Friday, I went to the House Education Committee meeting, where members were planning to finish work on HB2292, a ban of the Common Core curriculum, or in Kansas, the College & Career Readiness standards. Personally, I’ve looked at the curriculum, and it’s swell. It allows for a wide variety of materials to be used during instruction time. It gives teachers the freedom to select literature and open-source information appropriate to each class, each year. Every classroom is different, and the personality of each class changes from year to year. One set of fourth graders may like Mark Twain, yet another set may prefer E.B. White. Teachers are free to use either! While I still don’t like the idea of standardized test scores weighing so heavily on a school’s survival, the curriculum itself is open, appropriate, and allows districts to have local control over what is needed in their school rooms.

While I was waiting with others outside the standing-room-only committee room, I overheard Representative Michael Houser of Columbus and Representative Connie O’Brien of Tonganoxie scheming with a couple of others I did not recognize (AfP?) to “replace committee chairs with people who are ready to play ball.”


Michael Houser

Connie O'Brien

Connie O’Brien

Maybe they assumed I was just another ‘libtard’ in my red blouse (wear red for public ed). I’m certainly of no threat to their agenda, I don’t have that kind of cash. They simply chatted on in hushed tones about their plans and schemes to undo public education as we know it. Except, if you have ever been in a room with Mr. Houser, you know he does not whisper.

I kid you not, dear readers! My whistle may be small, but I’m blowing it! Stuff like that there makes my blood boil!

I was worried enough about the bill itself; it would not only ban Common Core, but would prevent the Kansas Department of Education from ever developing any alternative curriculum that aligned with the Common Core standards. If HB2292 had made it out of committee and through all the steps to become Law, it would set Kansas back to the No Child Left Behind standards, and most folks know what a wreck those were for schools.

You can read the bill here, and then please explain to me how this is not a move toward GOP Totalitarianism.

Our students already struggle with poverty issues outside the realm of Education, and for several in Topeka, schools are a safe house. Conservatives lack the empathy to correctly understand the issues the People are dealing with. Parents, if you want your children to have a good life, then you know what great value their learning and education is. Kansans, we have an opportunity to show these Koch despots just what power we have!

What would happen if every woman took a day off?

March 30th, Game on for Kansas Schools will be in Topeka, and I strongly urge every parent, teacher, grandparent, and friend of children in public schools to gather at 10th & Polk St. at 9:30am. Show your boss that our children’s learning is important by taking a few hours off. Show our children how important school is by giving them a lesson in self-advocacy. Show these men & women in our legislature that enough is enough!



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