Forget the Hype, Join the Fight!

I’m very befuddled with you Kansas. What is it about the National Organization for Women that scares you so?

I’ve talked with folks on several occasions– politicians and pundits, workers, parents, and students. As soon as I mention NOW, they distance themselves from me. Literally. I have people immediately stop talking with me, even when it was a pleasant enough conversation. I don’t get it.

Is it the abortion issue?

Is it that NOW has not made a considerable donation to the campaign fund?

Is it that you’ve bought into a false stereotype of feminism? Such as the likes of #WomenAgainstFeminism ?

Do you realize that NOW is fighting for the same issues as you? And that NOW started pushing for these issues back in 1966? We want higher wages, we want healthcare for all, we want public education funding, we want women and men of all races and nationalities to be treated equally, paid equally, and loved equally.

My husband says “This is Kansas. You cannot expect people to be reasonable.” (We’ve both been born & raised here)

Except, on a day-to-day basis, most people are reasonable.

What is it about Politics that makes folks chuck reason and logic out the window?

Before I got fed up with the system, I was a childcare worker. You know, that lady you leave the kids with while you go off to work. The one who’s barely paid more than a 17 year old babysitter, but needs a college degree to get hired. One more woman worker who we don’t think about, but who is quite necessary to working parents. Like teachers, I spent eight hours a day with your kids, but you couldn’t spare eight minutes to talk with me about their development.

I joined NOW because they were the one organization fighting for Universal Childcare. They’re the one organization that says “HEY! Parents need some support!” Not just single moms, but two-parent homes. Not just poor families, but all families. Other countries are leading in education because people have support when they have young children.

If we want stronger families, we need to raise wages. Parents cannot give their children quality care if they’re working two jobs just to put a roof over their head and food on the table. Public education is not failing because teachers aren’t doing their job well. Public education is failing because parents have been shafted by stagnant wages. If parents did not have to worry about paying the bills, they would be available to their children to help with homework, read a book, play a board game.

If we, as a society, want people to have better parenting skills, we have to expand Sex Ed. We have to teach our young adults not only that sex makes babies, but also what the responsibility of parenting is. We have to teach our men and women how to be parents before they get themselves pregnant. Young adults need to learn about child development and guidance, instead of opting out of the whole sex ed curriculum and having intercourse anyway. Without a fully comprehensive sexuality education course, we get parents like the set in Hiawatha, who abuse their young children to death because they didn’t learn any better.

Right NOW, a woman in Indiana is being charged with murder because she had a miscarriage.

Right NOW, a woman may not realize that drinking a six-pack a day is harming her fetus.

Right NOW, a young girl is running away from home because her parents are being unreasonable, and won’t accept that she is becoming an independent adult. Her future may be headed toward a life of prostitution because she does not have resources in her community.

RIGHT NOW we need to quit labeling each other and start standing together. Because right NOW, the tyrants are winning.


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