Ham & Beans and the Fight for 15

It’s your birthday, and you’d like to treat yourself to a steak dinner. Not at a restaurant; you know how you like your steak best. You want a family & friends dinner at home, cooking on the grill.

You’re not a Rockefeller, and you’ve basically spent the last year living on ham. Ham sandwiches for lunch, ham & bean soup, ham at Thanksgiving because it cost less than a turkey, and all the trimmings cost more than the meat itself. Every now and then you’d pick up some overtime, and so you had some ground beef and made it stretch using rice & soups for casseroles.

If you want to have a real steak dinner, you’ll also need some potatoes, salad fixings, and stuff to make a pie for dessert.

But the water bill is due, and your daughter caught the flu. You dipped into your savings for a trip to the doctor and the necessary medicine to help her get better.

But dang it! You know you deserve that steak dinner! It is your birthday after all! It’s been a rough year, and you’ve kept your nose to the grindstone, kept truckin’ up that hill of hope, thinking that next year will be better…

Folks, you DO deserve that steak dinner on your birthday! You shouldn’t have to live on mac&cheese with ham cut up in it!

That’s what the Fight for $15 is about. That’s what the Green New Deal is about. That’s what the Green Party is about!

Any worker, whether a parent, married or single, or a high school senior, deserves a wage that will provide a decent living. $15 an hour certainly won’t give anyone a steak dinner every night, but it will give workers the ability to pay the water bill AND have a steak dinner once in a while.

And it works for communities too. If workers at WalMart had a higher wage, they would be able to spend their dollars at other business in the community, outside of WalMart. That is the truly free market -when consumers have a choice to go to Herman’s Meat Market and purchase a fine cut of meat, instead of being so poor that they must subsist on the cheapest price, which happens to be from their employer because of the employee discount. Free Markets only work if the people have the means to spread their dollars around to several different businesses, and are not reduced to the poverty providers like WalMart, Dollar General, and Hamburger Helper. Fair Wages, high income taxes on the wealthy, and support for small community business cooperatives brought America back from the devastation of the Great Depression, and gave us that rosy era of prosperity after WWII.

This April 15th, stand up and demand your right for a fair wage! Do not allow yourself to be fooled into thinking $9 per hour is better than minimum, because the minimum is keeping us at sub-par!



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