Open Letter to Kansas House Education Committee

After reviewing the formal complaint lodged against Representative Winn, I could not silence my ‘mommy voice’ and so this is the result. As my close friends know, I’m the Mother Hen of our group. I hope the Topeka Capital-Journal prints it. 

To Mr. Highland, Mr. Merrick, and fellow members of the House Education Committee,

I have reviewed your complaint against Representative Winn, and the terms I assume you are labeling as “inflammatory language” are the words “racism” and “bigotry.” These are valid, well-defined terms used in the English language, and are not vulgar. While it may be uncomfortable for you to hear a colleague address your aggressive behaviors, it is acceptable for her to do so. How else are you to realize how your behavior affects the people of Kansas in a negative manner?

I am very disappointed in you. Instead of owning up to your behavior, you are projecting behaviors onto Ms. Winn. It is plain to see your bully tactics, and this conduct is quite unacceptable. You seem to be having a tantrum because Ms. Winn stood up to you and hurt your feelings. You are unwilling to admit your irrational actions in pushing forward an agenda that is not for all the people, but instead favors your own clique.

I am thankful the investigative committee meetings will be open to the public, and I hope the committee comes to the conclusion to dismiss this complaint. It seems a petty waste of time for an issue that could have been resolved via arbitration after the House Education Committee had adjourned on March 23rd.

While you are on vacation, I urge you to read The Bully Book by Eric Kahn Gale. Perhaps it will open your eyes to your own attitudes, and help you learn how to stop bullying others.


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