Destination Imagination

Hello Dear Readers and Faithful Followers,

First, let me apologize for being so random and rare. The real world gets so hectic, it’s difficult to focus on writing.

I do want to take a moment to talk about Destination Imagination, an amazing international program for students to flex their brain muscles!

It’s difficult to explain really. It’s like the Olympics for Creative Thinkers, with an annual Global Finals competition each year.

Maybe it’s just new to me, they do say everything comes to Kansas last! Here’s a video from a couple of DI Alumni who have become successful creators

My son Elliot and his 5th grade team from Topeka Public Schools Gifted program just happen to be the FIRST team from Topeka to go to the Kansas statewide competition, and they did so well they’ve qualified for Global Finals!

Fantastic Awesome Nerds

Fantastic Awesome Nerds

So here’s the shameless plug for fundraising! Our little team from a Title I school district needs all the help we can get, to get to Global Finals in Knoxville, TN next week! The countdown is on! Global Finals are May 20-23!

I know most everyone in the world is struggling with our economic meltdown, but if enough people pitch in just $10, we’ll get there! Please please PLEASE make a donation to our gofundme account TODAY!

Thanks for your support!

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