Fighting for our Freedom?

My son’s class had a Veteran’s Day theme for their school concert this year, and honored all the Veterans in attendance with thank-you cards. The music was standard U.S. fare, Liberty & Justice for all, True Equality… except it’s not. And both my sons, age 10 & 12, recognized this. When we look at current events in the news, we see that America offers liberty & justice to white people with money. We see that Equality is limited, and usually just a buzzword. These days, our Pledge of Allegiance and National Anthem represents fewer and fewer of the total population.

In Missouri, and other Klan heavy locations, I want to know, where are the white mothers, walking into a protest and grabbing their white child and smacking them upside the head for being racist idiots risking their life? I know a lot of white people shared that viral video of the #Baltimoremom …

As media whittles these incidents down to one or another, seemingly independent of each other, we the People must remind ourselves of the Truth: systematic racism is still alive & well in the land of the free. History textbooks are being re-written to reflect slaves as ‘immigrant workers.’ Our history taught in school still ignores the vile behavior of Europeans towards the many Native clans of Mexico and North America.

(Every high school student needs to read ‘Lies My Teacher Told Me’ by James W. Loewen)

My husband was the one who brought my attention to the situation at Mizzou, because its all over sports radio. I have boycotted sports because it is as corrupted as our government. The irony is, would America even know what was happening at the University of Missouri if it weren’t disrupting the football schedule?  The backlash has begun, with one comment stating “How can he be oppressed when his family has money?”

Are some people really that dense? Racists don’t care how much affluence a black person has, they’ll still hate him for his skin. Look at the history of Black Wall Street.

Mothers, I understand your fear for your children’s lives. But is Life worthwhile with the daily fear of death? Here on Veteran’s Day, why do we accept the idea of sending our children into the hands of death for White Power through the Military, but we want our sons to stay behind when it’s time to fight for Justice & Freedom on our own soil? In our country, here and now, our children see the hypocrisy, and are rightfully angry. Is it fair for us to ask them to suppress that anger so that they may live in a country that does not respect all its citizens? I’ll admit, my white sons are at less risk. And when the subject of injustice arises, my first question to them is “How can we change it?” I hope they come up with a creative, peaceful solution.

One peaceful way to address a major problem was presented at the Million Man March: Boycott Black Friday. The money we all spend in big chain stores gets rerouted to politicians who protect the status quo and protect the wealthy against the rest of us. It is a top-heavy problem, with a consumer based solution. Stop giving them the money they’ll use against us. Shopping at Walmart and purchasing brand-name goods is akin to shooting yourself in the foot.

Please take the time to sit down and watch this interview with Brother Nuri Muhammad to learn the Six Steps after #JusticeOrElse and stay strong.

“Last year, #BlackoutBlackFriday kept $667million out of the pockets of the Oppressor.”

“We are the only people on the planet that blame the White Man for 95% of our problems but still spend 97% of our money with them.”

“Withholding your dollar is a painless sacrifice.”

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