Kobach is Wrong for Kansas

Dear America,

Many of you have seen the Jim Crow style politics of Kris Kobach while he’s been our Kansas Secretary of State. You’ve seen this form of discrimination in voter I.D. laws and proof of citizenship requirements in several states. You’ve seen established, credible newspapers regularly report Kobach’s ties to white nationalist groups and known Holocaust deniers. Now, Kobach is the Republican nominee for Governor of Kansas.

Maybe you haven’t given Kansas a second thought until this current era, when Governor Brownback’s “March to Zero” took us down the road to ruin. We’re the state you’ll want to move to when sea level rise drives you out of coastal cities. We’re a farming state, which doesn’t seem like much to city-dwellers until you consider we produce a lot of feed for cattle to become your fancy steak dinner. Vegetarian? We’ve got soybean farms for miles and miles. We’re even getting in on the hemp production, with thousands of potential uses. Kansas was once known for our excellent public schools and universities until our government was overrun with Dark Money Republicans and Koch-sponsored legislators.

If there was ever a state that needed support for Democrats, it’s Kansas! Help us keep a racist out of the Governor’s chair! Help us keep Dark Money candidates like Steve Watkins out of our Nation’s Capitol. Help us kick Kobach to the curb! Please make a donation today to our Kansas Democratic Party!

(psss, I’m talking to you too, George Soros)

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