Letter to Topeka Public Schools; RE:SexEd

Dear School Board Members and Administrators,

I’ve heard there has been some discussion about switching our sexuality education option from ‘opt out’ to ‘opt in’ and this is not a good idea. I understand some of the topics may be uncomfortable for you to personally discuss or think about, such as anal sex, oral sex, etc. We as a group however cannot restrict our young adults from learning about these very real sexuality topics. As humans age, their bodies go through physical, hormonal, cellular level changes; the kids need to know! Our children deserve to know what is happening with their bodies, and how those changes affect the mind. Our children need to know about healthy, consensual, loving relationships. When we do not teach growing adults about sex and sexuality we see an increase in sexual assault, rape, teen pregnancy, domestic child abuse, and abuses of trust from young men and women. When an individual knows what to expect –how their bodies will change, how they can communicate and relate with potential lovers, what pregnancy and childbirth honestly look like- they can make well-informed choices about how and when they will engage in sexual activity. And let’s be real, humans engage in sexual activity.

I’ll also ask you to remember that our District Citizens Advisory Council studied the human sexuality curriculum, and advised that the district get up-to-date and comprehensive about sex education. Our children deserve all the facts!

An additional request for parents who do chose to opt-out; I feel there should be some requirement from the family to let the district know how they will be educating their children on the science of sex. Or perhaps the district could offer one-on-one learning sessions with the student and their family. I recommend the Unitarian Universalist Our Whole Lives (OWL) program.

You can find info here–>   https://www.uua.org/re/owl

Thanks you for continuing to consider ALL of our students, and not only those whose families are religiously opposed to sex education.

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