New Year Wishes & Wants

What better time to begin planning for the new year than with the idea of what we want from our newly elected congress-persons.

Ride this wave! While it may seem smaller than what we’d hoped for, some of us are still just getting our feet wet in the waters of civil disobedience and engaged citizenship. When learning to surf, one must begin at low tide.

I hope our newly elected reps & senators & governors understand how oppressive our modern economy is, how dire some of us are. $50.00 is a lot of money in many households! Over 50 million people in the U.S. are living on the edge, cannot put together emergency funds, and are declaring bankruptcy due to medical debt.

We, these average Americans earning less than $250,000.00 a year must UNITE! At the cash register, drive through window, office desk, and pharmacy counter. Women make up a majority of underpaid workers, and it is time for us to RISE TOGETHER!

If you, the person who CAN pull $50.00 out of your pocket, or even $500.00 for some new tires on your car, understand that the woman handing you your cheap lunch has been cheated by our capitalist economy. If you want to “get back” to better prosperity we first must make sure each worker has an income to meet a sustainable, thriving existence. If we want clean & functioning communities we have to TAX the RICH! That’s how it works. For EVERYONE.

Which also means we’ll have to stop judging others over such minuscule shit in order to make ourselves feel less guilty for their situation. When we come up on each other individually, don’t assume that the woman behind the counter is an idiot. Stop bullying your buddies and bar mates. Don’t assume that a person dressed a particular way has a better station in life than you.


Understand, “the RICH” are the bastards that currently have our country by the short & curlys. The Walton family who has made their billions off of OUR purchases refuse to re-invest in OUR public schools through tax revenue. Each individual public school should not have to go asking WalMart for a piddly-ass $2K grant. It’s ridiculous! AND it’s more efficient for OUR GOVERNMENT to simply take back some of that profit for the greater good of EVERY city where those WalMart stores are located. Those stores that are going to hire our residents to bag groceries and collect carts. Just who do you think McDonald’s has sold those billions of burgers to? US! Time for MickeyDs to put those profits into the wages of their workers, the smile-though-the-pain woman who may have health care needs but has no insurance. We need to TAX the RICH so we can give Teachers the professional level salary they deserve, they don’t need to be working a second job!

So, for this New Year coming up, make a resolution to participate in boycotts! Resolve to get out of your own comfort zone. Get as excited about government policy as you do about NFL rules. After all, our lives & livelihoods are not changed because our team wins, but they ARE changed when we raise wages and tax the rich!


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