Keep Abortion Legal

I walk with Death. Why shouldn’t I, as he is brother to our Sister Moon. He is a natural child of Creation. As the GOP would know it, I experience a small death monthly with my menses, guided by the moon. Again, this is natural. Females do not need to experience insemination with each egg cycle. While rats may be one of our close mammal cousins, we humans do not need to breed like that.

I am married and have birthed three babies, so please do not assume I do not know about pregnancy and childbirth. I also know about adoption, as my first pregnancy was at 17 years old and I was not prepared to be a Mother. Is that child better off because I did not choose abortion? Who can say? While I know Death is coming, I do not know what is on the other side of that door. I do know, thanks to open adoption, that that child’s young life and adulthood have been fraught with our economic disparity and inequality, even though I gave her to a middle-class Christian family, and even though she was provided opportunities and resources.

In 2018 Joshua A. Krisch reported that the average child from birth to eighteen years old costs around $300,000. At the rate of our Nation’s Capitalist frenzy, that may soon simply be the hospital costs for prenatal & delivery services. No matter how a woman may get pregnant, it is an infringement of her liberty to force her to birth that child. It is enforcing a financial hardship or “undue burden” as stated in Roe v. Wade, upon an individual’s basic human rights. My own childhood was fraught with the damnation of poverty because my parents had seven children. If we truly want people to be free to choose families of this size, we must address income inequality rather than ban abortion.

I have seen Racism and white supremacy rearing its ugly head my whole life, and its evil influence has created a beast of the Republican Party. Banning abortion is simply one more way for these irrational white men to attempt to control a nation. They look at census statistics and abortion statistics and see that not enough white babies are being born, and white women receive the majority of abortions. Black and Brown women know that abortion was originally intended to sterilize their people, and so often do not consider abortion.  They suffer the trauma handed down by their ancestors, trauma inflicted by white people. Today, right now, we must SHIFT. We CAN offer abortion as a medical service to those who have decided for themselves that they are unable to carry a pregnancy, for whatever reason, and no matter their race or religion. At 47 years of age and still menstruating, I need to know I can get an abortion if I happen to become pregnant during love-making with my husband. And I need to know that I can talk openly about abortion with my medical service providers.

I’ll say this again because Republicans have selective hearing: abortion services are not covered by federal monies. The federal government does not provide funds for abortion. Medicaid, Medicare, Veterans Administration, NONE provide assistance for abortion services. I ask our elected officials to please stop beating this dead horse. Keep abortion legal!

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